Rhino Bucket: ‘The Last Real Rock N’ Roll’

Released on April 21, 2017 (Acetate Records)

Bands like Rhino Bucket have become more and more important to the resurgence of ’80s rock over the years. they are a straightforward, no frills, meat and potatoes rock ‘n’ roll band. They keep the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive. They prove that it’s about ‘a good memorable riff.’ I suppose, you can be really lazy and compare Rhino Bucket to (Bon Scott era) AC/DC all day long. One can clearly hear the Aussie rockers are a big influence on Rhino Bucket but that wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of the band. Rhino Bucket are based in the blues. They are a hard driving, groove oriented rock ‘n’ roll band. And the riffs? They’re the hook.

Rhino Bucket enlisted the services of The Supersuckers’ frontman and ‘Bucket fan’ Eddie Spaghetti to produce the dozen tracks that make up The Last Real Rock N’ Roll. You might be ‘cringe’ at the thought of the ‘goofiness’ of Supersuckers bleeding onto the Bucket record Rest assured it didn’t. The Last Real Rock N’ Roll is one of the strongest efforts of the band’s career. Each song that made the cut is either a home run or a grand slam, which in this day and age isn’t the norm for classic acts.

“Hello Citizens” and ‘The Devil You Know’ are clear nods to Bon [Scott]. “Everything You Do” is the anthem on the album. Yeah, I said ‘anthem.’ “Last Call” showcases Georg Dolivo and co.’s growth as songwriters and musicians to a mature and evolved Bucket. “Last Call” was executed to perfection and IS the best cut on the album. The Hammond organ and the backing vocals are a brilliant touch. Brian Forsythe (Kix) blazes his way through the entire record as only he can do while vocalist/guitarist Georg Dolivo has recorded the best performance[s] of his career on The Last Real Rock n’ Roll, which is so appropriately titled.

Track List:
01. Hello Citizens
02. Everything You Do
03. Last Call
04. I’m Your Doctor
05. So Long
06. It’s A Sin
07. Forgiveness
08. Bang My Drum
09. A Swing And A Miss
10. Falling Down the Stairs
11. Misery
12. The Devil You Know

Band Members:
Georg Dolivo – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Brian Forsythe – lead guitar
Reeve Downes – bass
Dave DuCey – drums

Additional Musicians:
Angela Muhwezi – vocals
Danny McGough – B3 organ

Produced by Eddie Spaghetti
Engineered by Rob Duffy
Mixed by Andy Carpenter
Mastered by Mark Chalecki

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, April 2017

Rhino Bucket‘s “Hello Citizens” song:

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Rhino Bucket‘s “Everything You Do” song:

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