Rhino Bucket – Who’s Got Mine?

Rhino Bucket - Who's Got Mine?

Released February 8, 2011 (Acetate Records)

CD Track List:
01. Message In My Bottle
02. Lifeline
03. Back To Nowhere
04. Drive Thru Liquor
05. Who’s Got Mine
06. Her Way
07. Joke’s On You
08. Chase The Case
09. Hollywood And Wine
10. Something For Nothing
11. Rare Beauty

Band Members:
Georg Dolivo – vocals and guitar
Brian Forsythe – lead guitar and vocals
Reeve Downes – bass and vocals
Anthony ‘Tiny’ Biuso – drums and vocals

Produced, engineered and mixed by Doug Boehm.

Who’s Got Mine? is studio album number six from the boys in Rhino Bucket. If you’re already a fan you’ll know exactly what to expect — and if you’re not, shame on you, because this is in-your-face three-chord driven AC/DC inspired rock n’ roll. Or it was…

What happened here? Who’s Got Mine? sounds like Rhino Bucket, it looks like Rhino Bucket, it rocks like Rhino Bucket… actually that last part is wrong. Rhino Bucket went soft! This CD misses the raw, gritty and dirty sound of the band’s previous heights. Not that Who’s Got Mine? is a bad album, it’s very far from being bad, it just sounds very… clean.

The disc gets off to a good start with the head-nodder “Message In A Bottle”, then “Lifeline” follows and sounds really great until the rawhide, yeehaw solo. The relaxing “Back To Nowhere” slows down the pace, and while it’s not a bad number it’s just off the pace of what this band has set before. The excellent “Drive Thru Liquor” follows and picks up the energy/pace and has an absolutely catchy little riff playing throughout contrasted beautifully by some low driving power chords.

Now we’re off and running and the title track continues us onwards — it is a nice number, though not great, and again has a slower change of pace. Next up is a fast number, “Her Way”, which begins to get me excited again as the solo explodes out of nowhere and is enough to lift the song above average. “Joke’s On You” is a steady and solid number and then we have another fast paced track “Chase The Case” — with a good riff and lots of energy, this smacks of ‘Rhino Bucketness’! Then we run into “Hollywood And Wine” which improves as it goes on, which is fortunate as it starts off really poorly. “Something For Nothing” is another catchy tune before the disc closes with “Rare Beauty” — a decent enough track, but it doesn’t hit the home run you want when closing an album.

The problem with Who’s Got Mine? is that it’s just too nice. When it came to writing songs maybe Rhino Bucket were too ecstatic when their fans helped fund this album through a successful ‘Kickstarter’ album project. Also, whoever decided to ‘clean’ up the sound needs shot, because if this CD sounded rawer it would be right up there with The Hardest Town — but it isn’t by a distance. Who’s Got Mine? is a decent album… however when your ‘decent’ is better than most of the other stuff floating around these days you know it’s worth a shot.

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Reviewed by Chifo for Sleaze Roxx, March 2011

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