Rich Kid Express: ‘Psychodelic’

Released on October 30, 2020 (Squib Kick Records)

Multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson is back with album number two from his “band” Rich Kid Express. I use the term “band” very loosely since Richardson is a one-man band handling all of the instruments, vocals and even the recording and production. Unlike Rich Kid Express‘ debut EP Bubblegum Radio which saw Richardson‘s two children contribute, this time around, Richardson took care of everything on the album except the mastering (completed by Dave Harris).

Just like on the EP Bubblegum Radio, Rich Kid Express keep the songs simple without reinventing the wheel. Those lyrics actually pop up on the last track “R.K.R.” so clearly, Richardson is doing this intentionally and that’s a great thing. Many bands could learn from Rich Kid Express on how to keep things simple and allow the songs to breathe rather than cram them with too many ideas at once. As an example, take “Cross The Line” which is my favorite song by far on Psychodelic. It’s got a very simple riff and melody, and just sucks you in. My fingers can’t help but start moving as I hear the simple but effective guitar melody.

Unlike the EP Bubblegum Radio where I heard glimpses of Alice Cooper in Richardson‘s voice, this time around, I do not hear the shock rocker but rather Richardson himself. In other words, I simply picture and hearĀ Richardson singing rather than identify with any of his potential influences and that’s a big compliment for Rich Kid Express‘ “do it yourself” visionary. Ironically enough, while Richardson‘s singing is solid throughout the record, it is also what holds the album back since the songs all sound pretty similar due them having to adapt to Richardson‘s limited vocal range. It’s not that the tracks are bad because all of them are pretty good to great but there does not seem to be that much variety. My favourites on Psychodelic are “Cross The Line”, the first single “Clock Strikes Four” and the album closer “R.K.R.”.

Overall, Rich Kid Express‘ debut full-length album Psychodelic is a fun record. Richardson‘s “classic style hard rock” is simple yet effective and should have you rocking out pretty quickly. As amazing as it is that Richardson was able to come up with two records for Rich Kid Express in 2020, the man is aiming to release another Rich Kid Express album in 2021 as well.

Track List:
01. Get Outta My Life
02. Cross The Line
03. Do It Your Way
04. Lovestick Blues
05. Psychodelic
06. Sleep When I’m Dead
07. Clock Strikes Four
08. Kaleidoscope Caravan
09. Pink Eye
10. R.K.R.

Band Member:
Rob Richardson – all instruments, vocals

Produced and recorded by Rob Richardson
Mastered by Dave Harris

Band Websites:
Squib Kick Records

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, December 2020

Rich Kid Express‘ “Cross The Line” single:

Rich Kid Express‘ “Clock Strikes Four” lyric video: