Rockhead – Rockhead

Rockhead - Rockhead
Released 1992 (Capitol/EMI)

Track List:
01. Bed Of Roses
02. Chelsea Rose
03. Heartland
04. Lovehunter
05. Death Do Us Part
06. Warchild
07. Sleepwalk
08. Hell’s Back Door
09. Hard Rain
10. Angelfire
11. Webhead
12. Baby Wild
13. House Of Cards

Steven Jack – vocals
Bob Rock – guitar and vocals
Jamey Kosh – bass and vocals
Chris Taylor – drums
John Webster – keyboards

Additional Musicians:
David Steele and Marc LaFrance – voices
Kenny Greer – pedal steel and slide
Billy Duffy – guitar (8)
Richie Sambora – guitar (13)
Apache – guitar (7)
Scott Humphrey – keyboard programming

Produced by Bob Rock.

The only release by famed producer Bob Rock‘s Rockhead was a surprisingly entertaining album. The album kicks off with the incredible Bed Of Roses, which is different from Bon Jovi‘s version, but could have easily fit on one of their albums. Other standouts include “Chelsea Rose” (with it’s amazing chorus), “Lovehunter”, “Hard Rain” and the ballads “Angelfire” and “Death Do Us Part”.

  Bob Rock has a tendency to over-produce albums, but while Rockhead is well polished, it doesn’t cross that fine line. Musically comparisons can be made to Bon Jovi (who co-wrote and made guest appearances on some numbers), Lynch Mob and other glossy melodic rock bands. As with most late 90’s bands however, the public all but ignored them. But Rockhead sounded great and is worthy of two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.

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