Saigon Kick – The Lizard

Saigon Kick - The Lizard
Released 1992 (Third Stone/Atlantic)
Billboard Chart Position #80

Track List:
01. Cruelty
02. Hostile Youth
03. Feel The Same Way
04. Freedom
05. God Of 42nd Street
06. My Dog
07. Peppermint Tribe
08. Love Is On The Way
09. The Lizard
10. All Alright
11. Sleep
12. All I Want
13. Body Bags
14. Miss Jones
15. World Goes Round
16. Chanel

Matt Kramer – vocals
Jason Bieler – guitar, keyboards and vocals
Tom DeFile – bass
Phil Varone – drums

Produced by Jason Bieler.

This is the second outing from this talented quartet. Songs like “Peppermint Tribe”, “All Alright” and “All I Want” really jam. There are two good instrumentals in “Cruelty” and “Sleep”, while the tune “Chanel” has a 60’s laid back feel to it. Of course who could forget the power ballad “Love Is On The Way”, it would prove to be Saigon Kick‘s lone charting single — reaching #12.

  The style on The Lizard is an unlikely combination of metal and folk sounds, but the group pulls it off smoothly. I feel Saigon Kick was a good band and this outing deserves two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, March 2004.

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