Schenker Barden Acoustic Project – Gipsy Lady

Schenker Barden Acoustic Project - Gipsy Lady

Released 2009 (Inakustik Records/MVD)

Track List:
01. Lost
02. Dance Lady Gipsy
03. All Of My Life
04. Fight For Freedom
05. El Grande
06. Starting Over
07. Can’T Live On Love Alone
08. Another Melody
09. Travelled So Far
10. Hungry
11. Night Of The Stare
12. The Journey

Gary Barden – vocals
Michael Schenker – guitar
Michael Voss – guitar, bass, keyboards and background vocals
Kai Luennemann – percussion

Produced by Michael Voss.

After last year’s In The Midst Of Beauty, the Michael Schenker/Gary Barden pairing proved that the magic was still there. So what does one do to follow up the solid release? Well, you do something completely the different.

  Gipsy Lady is a completely acoustic album that is all original material, unlike the album that MSG issued during the Robin McAuley era which consisted of mostly classic stuff from UFO and MSG. Don’t mistake this album with the acoustic instrumental Thank You series that Schenker launched in the early 90’s, although Gipsy Lady does feature two solid instrumentals in “El Grande” and “The Journey”.

  Gipsy Lady will take a number of spins to sink in, but once it does watch out, you’ll be in trace. Gipsy Lady showcases a different side of both Michael Schenker and Gary Barden who kick out some brilliant acoustic jams. Barden delivers a loose, smooth performance throughout the CD and Schenker once proves again that despite some set backs he’s back in tip top form.

  Some of the standouts on Gipsy Lady are the opening track “Lost” (this song sets up the album brilliantly), “Fight For Freedom” which has an audacious folk chorus that will have you tapping and singing along from the first listen. “Can’t Live On Love Alone” and “Hungry” feature some fantastic hooks and they both could be hit singles even in today’s fickle music business. And by far the biggest surprise is “Night Of The Stare”, which is a hard rock’s take on the tango.

  If you’re looking to expand your musical pallet then look no further than Gipsy Lady. This album will even have appeal outside of the rock realm as it covers various cultural subgenres. – –

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, May 2009.

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