Sebasrockets – Sebasrockets

Sebasrockets - Sebasrockets
Released 2005 (Faultline)

Track List:
01. Downtime
02. Rock’N’Roll Overdose
03. Tresspass – Outcast
04. Rocketzone
05. Enemy
06. D.O.A.
07. Queen Of The Night
08. Electric Youth
09. Losin’ Streak
10. Strung Out In The City

Jay Mahar – guitar and vocals
Kynan O’Meara – guitar and vocals
Adam Vincent – bass and vocals
Rory George – drums and vocals

Additional Musicians:
Mark Rachelle – keyboards and piano (10)

Produced by Theron Rennison.

Boasting to be the “best sleaze-rock band in the land”, Australia’s Sebasrockets have recently released their self-titled debut in an attempt to back-up their lofty claim. The group does have some cool moments, but they seem unable to decide between punk and glam – and seeing as I’m not a punk fan some songs leave me cold. Oddly enough all four members share the lead vocal duties, so the listener gets a wide array of oral deliveries (some good and some bad).

  Things start off on the right foot with “Downtime”, a catchy glam number with an incredible beat – it isn’t often the drum sound on a song stands out but it does here. “Rock’N’Roll Overdose” is cool sleaze song that has a subtle little guitar riff just after the chorus that adds a special quality. Even though the band is from down-under “Rocketzone” sounds like Sunset Strip material, opening with a wail that would make Georg Dolivo proud before sliding into Roxx Gang territory. “Queen Of The Nite” is straight-up glam rock, but how often do you hear a three minute glam song with a one minute guitar solo? Not very often at all, but it is a welcome change – especially considering the solos kick ass.

  There are some great songs on this release, but sadly songs like “Tresspass – Outcast” and “Enemy” add too much punk oriented filler into the mix. While some people may like Sebarockets diversity I would prefer if they picked one genre and concentrated on that. I’ll just say this CD is hit and miss and let you decide for yourself at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2005.

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