Sergeant Steel: ‘Best Of’

To be released on March 29, 2019 (Boyz Tyme Records)

Austrian rockers Sergeant Steel are celebrating their 10th anniversary with the release of a “best of” compilation of greatest hits covering 2009’s Lovers & Maniacs, 2013’s Men On A Mission and 2015’s Riders Of The Worm. As a major hockey fan, I feel the need to point out that Sergeant Steel produced the official anthem of Austria’s first division team EHC Black Wings Linz, appropriately called “Black Wings Comin

I have to admit, when Sleaze Roxx overlord Olivier suggested this album to me, I had to ask Sergeant who, and best of? After some googling, I admit to a North American bias, since the Steel have been playing festivals and working with prominent musicians for years in and around their native Leonding, Austria. It should be noted that Sleaze Roxx does not often review “greatest hits” albums, but this may be a worthy exception.

“Cry Out Your Heart, Baby” has a real Europe-style opening keyboard, and gets a little tougher moving forward. It brings back some ’80s memories. And yet, “Dirty Habits” ditches the over the top boards for a bit of organ and a solid sleaze guitar line. The kind of 4/4 that puts the rhythm section with their heads down and lets the guitar/vocals play it out. “Happy Time (Love On Demand)” is more Crashdïet style, modern European sleaze. It would drop in easily with my 2012 favourite tune selections.

So “Where My Heart Is [Orchestral Version]” is pretty much as the title suggests. A decent piano/vocal ballad with background strings that artistically fades out during a vocal offering after nearly 4:50. Sure. “Chasing Love” is a funky blues/up-tempo combo that would only make sense to ’80s people. Great White and Love/Hate maybe. “Hot Widow” reflects a Whitesnake influence with powerful vocals and a great lead guitar. Again “Mama Horny” goes back to funk/blues with the addition of horns at some points. I’d suggest there are some more mellow aspects of Electric Boys found in this track.

Based on the bio and liner notes I have to work with, I’m not sure how Mark Slaughter is involved with “Young And Hungry.”  It’s a bit of southern country piano rock, and a decent sing along chorus. “Hammer Of Love” starts with the ’80s prerequisite happy girls screaming, and the vocals surprisingly maintain the same pitch. While previous tracks reflect later ’80s sounds, “Hammer Of Love” is pre ‘85 in its energy, sound, and delivery. “Give Me A Call” is a standard and typical ballad, whereas “The Burning” brings the Best Of album to a fitting heavy conclusion with a track that combines the best of both old school and more modern sounds.

I am glad I asked the question Sergeant who? While only about 10 years old, this band sounds like they could have started in 1985 and are still generating new music nearly 35 years later. Over the course of three albums, Sergeant Steel have produced genuine ’80s worthy hits, and at the same time, reflected some more modern sounds that swept Europe in the last ten plus years.

Track List:
01. Cry Out Your Heart, Baby!
02. Dirty Habits
03. Happy Time (Love On Demand)
04. Where My Heart Is [orchestra version, previously unreleased]
05. Chasing Love
06. Hot Widow
07. Mama Horny
08. Young And Hungry [feat. Mark Slaughter]
09. Hammer Of Love
10. Give Me A Call
11. The Burning [digital bonus track, previously unreleased]

Band Members:
Phil Vanderkill – lead vocals
Jack Power – guitars, vocals
Chuck Boom – guitars, vocals
Ben Bateman – keyboards
Ronny Roxx – bass
Kenny King – drums (2008 – 2014)
Cøsy Cøxx – drums (2014 onwards)

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, March 2019

Sergeant Steel‘s “Hot Widow” video:

SERGEANT STEEL – Hot Widow (official video)

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Sergeant Steel‘s “Young And Hungry” (feat. Mark Slaughter):

SERGEANT STEEL feat. Mark Slaughter – Young And Hungry (official lyric video)

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Sergeant Steel‘s “Mama Horny” video:

SERGEANT STEEL – Mama Horny (official video)

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