Sex Slaves – Wasted Angel

Sex Slaves - Wasted Angel

Released June 3, 2009 (Loch Ness Records)

Track List:
01. Long Live The Dead
02. Sssssay What?
03. Fuk 4 Luv
04. Bloodlust
05. Beautiful Embrace
06. I Live At Night
07. House Of A Madman
08. Cheap Imitation
09. Just A Memory
10. Liquor Store Romance
11. I Was There
12. Mexico
13. Nothing Like It

Eric 13 – vocals and guitar
Del Cheetah – bass and vocals
J/Bomb – drums and vocals

Additional Musicians:
Lewis Richards – Wurlitzer organ and programming
Amir Derakh – programming
Fu Valcic – programming

Produced by Sex Slaves. Recorded and engineered by Lewis Richards.

The wonderfully labeled Sex Slaves are a bit frustrating. At their best they are the stars of the orgy, and at their worst they are the guy standing in the corner watching the festivities with vision of grandeur in his head and a limp dick in his hand.

  If these sleazebags could record an entire CD with the intensity of the single “Sssssay What?” they’d be the stars of the underground, but they haven’t managed to do that yet, only giving glimpses of the hell-fueled perfection they are capable of. Aside from “Sssssay What?”, “Long Live The Dead”, “Fuk 4 Luv” and “Liquor Store Romance” the Sex Slaves seem lost and confused. “Bloodlust” tries to be Wednesday 13, “Beautiful Embrace” attempts to fuse Sixx A.M. with U2, “Just A Memory” sounds like a Spinal Tap ballad without the humor and “Mexico” is their version of goth. It really does make for an uneven CD and one that is difficult to listen too. One moment you will be praising the Sex Slaves as the next coming of Christ, and in the next breath you wish someone would nail them to the cross.

  This New York trio could be something incredibly special, but at this point in time they seem unsure if they want to be sleaze legends or a faceless mainstream rock band. There is so much potential here, it will be interesting to see how the Sex Slaves progress. Will they end up being the next great sleaze band or something completely forgettable? With a moniker like this, and all the dirty images it can conjure up, I’m hoping they make the proper decision. Time will tell, but at the moment the Sex Slaves are, more often than not, flaccid. –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2010.

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