SexTapes – SexTapes

SexTapes - SexTapes

Released 2008 (ToneRiot Records)

CD Track List:
01. Medicine Man
02. Trainwreck
03. Asrad
04. Paranoid Freak
05. Crawlspace
06. External Thought Process
07. Get Me Down
08. Nothing Inside
09. Coolife
10. Worklords

Chris Pitman – vocals, guitar and synth
Kelly Wheeler – guitars
Marko Fox – bass
Ryan Brown – drums

Produced and mixed by Chris Pitman.

I feel that the commercial glam metal scene has become inundated with run of the mill average bands cranking out subpar albums. It seems that virtually anyone with a guitar and a computer can crank out a disc, but I believe that this does a great disservice and quite a bit of harm to the genre as a whole.

  With that being said, I think the self-titled CD from L.A. based SexTapes falls into that category, failing to live up to its name. The melodies and the playing are ok, but I feel pretty much everything is mediocre at best. There just was not enough here to keep my interest, not even the inclusion of Guns N’ Roses member Chris Pitman. Maybe I do not have a good attention span but after the first two songs I was all but done, the songs seemed to blend into each other, never really going anywhere and it was very difficult to remain engaged for much longer.

  While songs such as “Paranoid Freak”, “Eternal Thought Process” and “Get Me Down” are tolerable tunes, others such as “Asrad” and “Coolife” really did nothing for me.

  The bottom line is that there are too many other CDs and bands to listen too that I feel SexTapes will be relegated to the back burner, more than likely not receiving much more play in my player. –

Reviewed by Bruce Moore for Sleaze Roxx, June 2009.

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