Sextrow: ‘Addicted To Rock’

Released on October 14, 2022 (765170 Records DK)

Since the release of their EP Bitchfield in 2018, Germany’s Sextrow have spent the ensuing years supporting and special guesting at shows for the likes of Black Rain, Bloody Heels and Plastic Tears whilst writing and preparing their debut full-length album that finally sees the light, after no doubt many pandemic related delays.

Things kick-start in lively fashion with the Mötley Crüe styled “Looking For Trouble” and continue in similar vein with the album’s title track “Addicted To Rock” which is a chanting thumper complete with rousing gang style backing vocals and will I’m sure be a crowd pleasing, fist waving favourite. The sleazy groupie tale “Catch A Ride” and the similarly themed “Road Lover” are the first to really fully feature singer Inglorious Ian’s Helloween styled falsetto stylings which continue throughout the short and simple rocker “Livin’ Easy” and are already beginning to grate on me a little.

The smouldering, funk tinged “My Foxy Lady” features further fine guitar work from Magic Marv and Reckless Rob, before the rather forgettable, gothic mis-step “Children of The Night” and the stuttering “Highway’s Calling” which is given a re-working from their earlier EP. The driving “Neon Nights” has yet more fine guitar work alongside more unnecessary high pitch screams, and the same can easily be said concerning the otherwise storming “Live It Out Loud” but are thankfully reigned in a little for the cool, hard rocking closer “Over The Top.”

The production is neat and clear and the aforementioned guitarists shine throughout; as do the equally resplendently named rhythm section of Raging Ray on bass and Sleazy Seth on the drums. Inglorious Ian does have the chops for the rockers but the jarring Andi Deris style vocal gymnastics tainted more than a couple of the tracks for me, and begs the question — just because you CAN do it, does that mean that you constantly should? It is of course a purely personal opinion, and is the reason I have never been a fan of Iron Maiden or the already stated Helloween, but if that style of singer floats your particular boat, then you are going to love this album.

Track List:
01. Looking For Trouble
02. Addicted To Rock
03. Catch A Ride
04. Road Lover
05. Livin’ Easy
06. My Foxy Lady
07. Children of The Night
08. Highway’s Calling
09. Neon Nights
10. Live It Out Loud
11. Over The Top

Band Members:
Inglorious Ian – vocals
Magic Marv  – guitar, backing vocals
Reckless Rob – guitar, backing vocals
Raging Ray – bass , backing vocals
Sleazy Seth – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, November 2022

Sextrow‘s “Addicted To Rock” video: