Sextrow: ‘Bitchfield’

Released on February 14, 2018, (765170 Records DK)

 are a five-piece band from Cologne, Germany. It seems that they might have had a previous EP released, but sadly I don’t speak German, so I might be mistaken. Sextrow‘s recent release, Bitchfield, is strangely named. It is an interesting five track release that attempts to showcase the band to the rest of the world.

The opening title track is punk-fueled in the way that Skid Row or Guns N’ Roses did it in the early ’90s.  Not bad, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. “Live It Out Loud” is pretty good. I like the guitar work, which reflects the classic hard rock sound. Even “Blue(s) Pills” is a bit of a laugh riot as a bit of fun. But and I hate dumping on bands… I fear that vocalist Inglorious Ian is the weakest link in this mix. With a flat and uninspired delivery, Ian lacks the range but not the enthusiasm to pull off the quality singing to match the musicianship.

I wish I could hype this band more, because it has some great guitar and back end work. What kills them is the vocals. I dislike crapping on individual work, and Mr. Ian may find his own niche, but it is not with what Sextrow are offering, as far as I’m concerned. I would love for this band to prove me wrong, but it’s way to hard to listen to as it is.

Track List:
01. Bitchfield
02. Live It Out Loud
03. Blue(s) Pills
04. My Foxy Lady
05. Highway’s Calling

Band Members:
Inglorious Ian – vocals
Magic Marv – guitar, backing vocals
Reckless Rob – guitar, backing vocals
Crazy Chriz – bass, backing vocals
Mighty Mat – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, March 2018

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