Shakey DeVille: ‘Shakey DeVille’ EP

Released on December 11, 2021 (Shakey DeVille)

Shakey DeVille
‘s debut self-titled EP is an album that I have struggled to review. Sometimes, reviews write themselves but definitely not for this one. I usually listen to an album five to 20 times before reviewing it and I have had to do so on multiple occasions for Shakey DeVille and it’s not because I really want to but due to not really knowing what to say about the EP. That being said, the more that I listen to Shakey DeVille, the more that I enjoy it.

The EP opener and video single “Shot’s Fired” reminds me of a track that could be found on now defunct Last Bullet‘s debut self-titled EP. It’s got a bluesy feel to it with a cool groove to it. At first when I listened to Shakey DeVille, I found “Shot’s Fired” and the subsequent song “Alley Cat” too slow paced but as I have listened (and listened) to the EP, I have warmed up to those two tracks’ slower speed. I have to say that I was surprised that the group would put two slower bluesy tracks like those ones right at the start of the EP. “Alley Cat” does have an easy to sing along to chorus and you’ll likely be screaming “Get fucked” on cue with the band members when the song gets to that point. “Fly So High” is probably the song that grabbed me the most when I first heard the EP since I feel like there’s more melody to the track due to its faster pace. “Move On Over” reminds me of early Last Bullet once again, which is a good thing.

“Place Your Bet” has a real Badlands / Voodoo Highway feel to it, which is impressive given that the Shakey DeVille band members seem to be playing material that is way more mature than their presumably young ages. I suppose that these young fellas are old souls at heart to be able to capture the blues and Badlands feel so well. “Place Your Bet” is definitely one of the highlights off the Shakey Deville EP and not surprisingly, one of the faster tunes that can be found on the record. “Too Fast” is a peppier track for the Shakey Deville members. I find Dan Miller‘s singing on this track feels like he’s telling a story between friends while both are having a beer at a run down joint. The Shakey DeVille EP closes with the (again) slower paced track “Drawdown” which unfortunately kind of drags along at over six minutes. It’s the only song that I tend to skip off the EP and that says all you need to know about what I think of the song.

Overall, I like Shakey DeVille‘s debut EP although I find that the song order should have been better configured. Starting the EP and ending it with arguably the two slower tracks seems odd in my mind. In addition, having three slower bluesy numbers on an EP with only seven tracks on it is a bit too much for me. I like songs at a faster pace so having to hear three slow paced tracks kills the momentum of the album and makes me hesitate to play the EP on a regular basis.

Track List:
01. Shot’s Fired
02. Alley Cat
03. Fly So High
04. Move On Over
05. Place Your Bet
06. Too Fast
07. Drawdown

Band Members:
Dan Miller – vocals
Curly – guitar
Brandon Bentley – drums
Joshua Bradley – bass

Mixed, mastered and recorded by Jamie King

Band Website:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, April 2022

Shakey DeVille‘s “Shot’s Fired” video: