Shannon – World Of Desire

Shannon - World Of Desrire
Released 2006 (Shannon)

Track List:
01. Do You Know
02. Hungry For Love
03. No Better Times
04. Long Gone
05. Keep On Rolling

Olivier Del Valle – vocals
Patrice Louis – guitars
Nicolas Fixy – bass
Benjamin Bergerolle – drums
Thierry Dagnicourt – keyboards

I hate the French! One of their countrymen recently impregnated the stunning Salma Hayek – so I’m pissed off at the whole works of them and figured the French rock band Shannon would be the perfect place to vent my anger. Besides, with a name like Shannon they just had to play some sort of keyboard-laced AOR drivel right?

  Wrong. Sure there are keyboards here but they accompany the music, not dictate it. The music itself is polished (yet heavy) melodic hard rock that falls somewhere between TNT and Europe. Picture perfect guitar solos melded with soaring vocals and a textured rhythm section is the ‘soup du jour’ and is delivered right from the beginning to the end. Occasionally vocalist Olivier Del Valle serves up some gritty screams, which add some variety and make Shannon harder than your typical melodic rock band.

  Shannon is the type of band that should be able to transcend genres and appeal to fans of AOR, melodic metal and hard rock in general. For such a new band Shannon has all the tools needed to compete with the most seasoned veterans.

  They are sure making it hard for me to hate the French. I suppose I’ll either have to forget about Salma or pretend Shannon is from a different country! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2007.

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