Shirleys Temple – Asshole EP

Shirleys Temple - Asshole EP
Released 2002 (Capitol)

Track List:
01. Asshole
02. All I Can Be
03. Favourite Mistake
04. Revolution
05. Heroine

Frank Tostrup – vocals and guitar
Eyolf Lund – bass
Henning Chluba – drums

Additional Musicians:
Frank Nielsen – guitar
Thomas Ruud – guitar

Produced by Thomas Ruud and Frank Tostrup.

Norwegian rock band Shirleys Temple‘s Asshole EP is jammed full of pop melodies, big production and a hint of punk sensibilities. They are on a major label in their home country, and there is no wonder — everything on this five song disc is catchy and made for radio.

  “Asshole” is the cream of the crop — I wouldn’t give it many points for originality (sounds like something I’ve heard on the radio before), but it is irresistible and lots of fun. The backup chants of “wooohooo” are a cool sounding background to the chorus vocals on the next two tracks. “Heroine” ends the disc with it’s crunchy guitars and sing-a-long chorus. If ever a band was made for radio, Shirleys Temple is it — they can be found at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2003.

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