Shot Down Twice: ‘Shot Down Twice’ EP

To be released on January 21, 2022 (Shot Down Twice)

The second EP from Canadian hard rockers Shot Down Twice bursts through the speakers with opening track “By Design” which begins as a hard edged, modern metal rocker but then cross references many other sub genres throughout its four and a half minute duration. There’s a little classic rock, a slight prog reference, some power metal guitar, equally powerful female vocals and — somewhat surprisingly to me — it all works when meshed together. “Talk To Me” follows a similar pattern; beginning as a slight pop metal track and then morphing around the aforementioned genres but adding a little gothic melodrama to the mix in the vocal department.

“At A Loss” is similar in the band’s “everything but the kitchen sink” style presentation, and if widdly guitar solos are your thing, then you will definitely be getting your money’s worth in this instance. “Long Haul Blues” begins with some nice Kentucky style finger picking but then simply descends into an almighty blues jam session that doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go or what if anything it wants to prove, and ultimately, seems a little unnecessary and slightly over- indulgent on the whole.

“Undermine/Overthrow” is more simplistic in its approach, which to me is a welcome relief. It’s a slightly punky-edged, straightforward rocker that employs fewer of the added extras of previous tracks. I personally felt that there should have been more of this in earlier songs as that would only have added to their immediacy. “Goddess of The Sun” concludes the EP and certainly channels the bands inner Warlock / Doro Pesch influences to the full, and does so extremely efficiently.

The twin guitars of ex-Sledgehammer man Jeff Wilson and Pat Rogers are both fine exponents of the dramatic solo on almost every track which compliments the solid dual recording role of bassist / drummer Rusty, but it is the excellent, if occasionally overwrought, vocal range of Carmen North that lifts the band and these six tracks well above the norm.

The songs are certainly eclectic and epic in both style and duration and, given that it is self-released, is crisply produced, cleanly played and with those often wondrous vocals. If you own at least one Within Temptation album, then I would imagine you will be more than pleased to acquaint yourself with Shot Down Twice. And why not?

Track List:
01. By Design
02. Talk To Me
03. At A Loss
04. Long Haul Blues
05. Undermine/Overthrow
06. Goddess of The Sun

Band Members:
Carmen North – vocals
Jeff Wilson – guitar
Pat Rogers – guitar
Rusty – bass, drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, December 2021

Shot Down Twice‘s “Undermine/Overthrow” video:

Shot Down Twice‘s “Talk To Me” video: