Sister Sin – Dance Of The Wicked

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked
Released in 2003 (Sister Sin), 2003 (Sleazy Rider)

Track List:
01. Kiss The Sky
02. Dance Of The Wicked
03. Fall Into My Dreams
04. End Of The Beginning
05. Love Lies
06. Dirty Damn I
07. Paint It Black
08. Tragedy Loves Company

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Psycho – guitar
Chris – bass
David – drums

Produced by Jan-Jan and Sister Sin.

Here we have another excellent new band from Sweden. This time it is the female fronted Sister Sin, but the final result is the same–superb independent released material.

The focal point is vocalist Liv, who like hard rock counterparts Doro and Nina C. Alice, has an exotic accented voice that has the capability to turn ferocious at any moment. But this album is so good, that the remaining male members must also get credit for the unrelenting guitar solos and flawless rhythm section. But I must admit that it is the vocals that keep capturing my attention; Liv could easily have replaced Doro in Warlock years ago.

My favorite tracks are “Dance Of The Wicked” (it truly is wicked!), “Kiss The Sky”, “Fall Into My Dreams” and the cool cover of the Rolling Stone‘s “Paint It Black”. I highly recommend you pick this album out at the band’s website, — you wont be disappointed!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2003.

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