Sister Sin – Now And Forever

Sister Sin - Now And Forever

Released on October 22, 2012 (Victory Records)

Track List:
02. End Of The Line
03. Fight Song
04. In It For Life
05. Hearts Of Cold
06. The Chosen Few?
07. Hang ‘Em High
08. I’m Not You
09. Running Low
10. Shades Of Black
11. Morning After

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Jimmy – guitar and backing vocals
Strandh – bass and backing vocals
Dave – drums

Mixed by Cameron Webb.

If you want intense in-your-face hard rock and heavy metal look no further than Sister Sin‘s latest release Now And Forever. After two stellar full-length CDs, 2008’s Switchblade Serenades and 2010’s True Sound Of The Underground, I couldn’t wait to see whether Sister Sin could come up with a third masterpiece in a row.

True to form, Sister Sin does not disappoint delivering the goods for an impressive third time in a row. Now And Forever kicks off with “End Of The Line” which has a nice build up before the song goes into overdrive and you are greeted with metal’s most intense female singer — Liv. Quite simply, you can feel the intensity and anger in Liv‘s voice from start to finish during the first song and single, as well as throughout the rest of the CD. With a great solo and cool video (check it out) you know that “End Of The Line” will be an excellent song live. The first few words in the next track “Fight Song” say it all: ‘Fuck You! Fuck them and fuck the world too’ — I love the intensity.

Sister Sin‘s motto may well be the next song “In It For Life”. Sounding somewhat similar to Doro Pesch‘s (whom they have recorded and shared the stage with) beliefs, Sister Sin outlines its commitment to the rock ‘n’ roll life with some poignant lyrics: ’10 years down the line would I change my ways. Looking back and say: could have had kids, could have been rich, regret the choise (no, this is not a spelling mistake — but the way it was printed in the CD) I’ve made — Not too likely my friend. I’d say the same!’ Whatever the message that Sister Sin wants to convey, “In It For Life” rocks from start to finish, and is likely the best song on Now And Forever.

There is no doubt about what makes Sister Sin distinct from other bands — it is lead vocalist Liv‘s vocals. She can certainly sing, but it feels that for a good portion of the CD she is screaming at the top of her lungs. It is no surprise that Now And Forever keeps rocking along with the next two songs “Heart Of Gold” and “The Chosen Few?”. One of my favorites has to be “Hang ‘Em High” with the emphasis on the vocals and drums for selected sections — surprisingly, I think that the verses are better than the actual chorus on that song.

There are no weak songs on Now And Forever, but the last song “Morning After” really doesn’t belong. The song, a reworking of a Randy Piper’s Animal track, is a slow ballad with Liv simply singing over a piano. While the song shows a different side to her spectacular voice, it is an odd ending to a rocking CD. Whatever the case, Now And Forever delivers the goods from start to finish, and hopefully, this will be the CD to put Sister Sin on every metal connoisseur’s map.

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, November 2012

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