Sixteen: ‘Dangerous’

Released on March 2, 2023 (Sixteen)

Mexican rockers Sixteen have been around for the best part of a decade and now release this, their sophomore album which begins with “Unchain My Heart.” Sadly, this is not the Joe Cocker classic, but rather a messily produced, rock-by-numbers effort featuring the first of many lengthy guitar solos and poor vocals. This leads into the lame attempt at a singalong anthem in “R U Ready” that only really succeeded in me reaching for the skip button! “Love Me” is slightly better in the production clarity but is completely generic despite a better vocal performance and another attempt at a stirring guitar solo.

Things take a downward spiral again, with the unbelievably dreary, seven minute ballad “I Am Alone” that must rank in the top five of the most interminably awful songs I’ve ever heard, whilst maintaining that will-this-torture-ever-end feeling! The clunky “Feline Love” leads into ANOTHER ballad “Troubles In Paradise” which clocks in at six unnecessary minutes thanks in the main to even more lengthy solo-ing, before the lumpen, thinly sung “Dangerous Machine” and the similarly unexciting “Cat Fight”.

“Libera Mi Carazon” is clearly sung in the native tongue and is actually probably the best song on the album — which I know isn’t saying an awful lot considering what I’ve already stated, but credit where it’s due as this does have a nice feel to it. That is of course immediately totally obliterated by the simply awful “Pole Dancer” and equally dreadful “Yeah” which is another even worse than “R U Ready” attempt at a fist pumping crowd pleaser that simply doesn’t have any much needed life in it whatsoever.

The band members are “ok”. Mikee Mara on bass and Jexx Mondragon on drums are a solid rhythm section whilst Mr. Izz Navarro can certainly play the guitar even if his solos are decidedly similar throughout. I’m afraid Coyote McGrown’s vocal performance is just not up to the task, sounding weak and thin at the best of times, with the already stated exception of track nine that may suggest that some of his performance could well be lost in translation.

The problems herein are the production which is hit and miss, and often all over the place; but mainly the songs which are uninspired, leaden and poorly executed at best; and cringe-inducing at worst. I honestly hate to slate someone’s creative flow , but if you are producing music, then a certain amount of pleasure should be involved and that is something that is distinctly lacking on this release.

Track List:
01. Unchain My Heart
02. R U Ready
03. Love Me
04. I Am Alone
05. Feline Love
06. Troubles In Paradise
07. Dangerous Machine
08. Cat Fight
09. Libera Mi Corazón
10. Pole Dancer (Remix)
11. Yeah (2023 Version)

Band Members:
Coyote McGrown – vocals
Mikee Mara – bass
Mr. Izz Navarro – guitar
Jexx Mondragon – drums

Band Website:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, March 2023

Sixteen‘s “Feline Love” video:

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Sixteen‘s “Unchain My Heart” video:

Sixteen‘s “Love Me” video: