Sixx: A.M. – The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

Sixx: A.M. - The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
Released 2007 (Eleven Seven Music)
Billboard Chart Position #62

Track List:
01. X-Mas In Hell
02. Van Nuys
03. Life Is Beautiful
04. Pray For Me
05. Tomorrow
06. Accidents Can Happen
07. Intermission
08. Dead Man’s Ballet
09. Heart Failure
10. Girl With Golden Eyes
11. Courtesy Call
12. Permission
13. Life After Death

Band Members:
Nikki Sixx – bass and vocals
James Michael – vocals and guitar
DJ Ashba – guitar, drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Nina Bergman – background adlibs (10)
Dee McLaughlin – housekeeper vocals (11)
Melissa Harding – orchestration, keyboards and programming
Julia McDermott – orchestration, keyboards and programming
Matthew Buchanan – orchestration, keyboards and programming
Georgia Tapp – orchestration, keyboards and programming
Children’s Choir

Produced by James Michael, DJ Ashba and Nikki Sixx.

Every once in a while an album comes around that floors you, from the moment it begins to the very last note. These albums don’t necessarily change and shape the entire musical landscape, although some do. No, what one of these records does is affect the listener to the point where he or she is permanently changed.

Sixx: A.M.‘s soundtrack – though the word ‘soundtrack’ does not do this concept album justice – to Nikki Sixx‘s The Heroin Diaries is one of these incredible pieces of music. From the haunting holiday jingle in the form of “X-Mas In Hell” right to “Life After Death”, it is an utter masterpiece, a disc that is as unique and diverse as the man who created it, Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx.

However, all three members of this impeccable band deserve every accolade that could be thrown at them. James Michael, a production maniac and gifted multi-instrumentalist, somehow manages to sing in his own voice while making it sound as if Nikki himself were screaming out for help in “Pray For Me”. Guitarist DJ Ashba, of BulletBoys and Beautiful Creatures fame, knows when to wail and when to hold back.

Is the sound that of classic Motley Crue? No, but it shouldn’t be. The style of music is difficult to describe; it’s modern but not stale, polished but not repressed. It’s fresh and it’s vital. It’s the sound of three musicians creating a piece of art that easily stands up to any album released in the 21st Century.

Reading the Heroin Diaries book is not necessary to understand the album, but it does enhance the experience. The Heroin Diaries occasionally delves into spoken word with Nikki reading slightly altered passages from the book. On “Girl With Golden Eyes” his voice intensifies as the music does, creating a fantastic listening experience. The entire album is like this, every song different but amazing in its own right. Cherish each and every one. This doesn’t happen every day. –

Reviewed by Johnny for Sleaze Roxx, March 2008.

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