Skreen 6: ‘Rockin’ Head’

Released on May 19, 2023 (Skreen 6)

Skreen 6 hail from Kochi in India and are apparently the youngest band in that country’s history to release an album which is somewhat of an achievement in itself. After a rather pointless 51 second “intro” opener , the bands very first ever single and album title track “Rockin’ Head” is a fine, swaggering rocker that sets their stall out nicely and is complimented by a swirling guitar finale. That is followed by the gang styled, chorus led “Life Is Too Short To Die” that has neat rhythm section work and an overriding sense of fun that certainly belies its title.

“Cry” is the first of three consecutive ballads that is nicely played and would be even more effective were it not for the fact that the vocals often seemed strained and slightly off key. “On My Way” suffers a similar vocal fate despite it being ever so slightly pacier in presentation. The best of these is “The Whisper of The Rain” where the vocals are less strained and the song is overall very pretty, but the problem really being that all three are so similar that they seemingly blend into each other as there is little to distinguish them from each other, and perhaps separating them in the listing would have been more advisable.

“All We See Tonight” is thankfully a livelier affair that has a real Tuff jaunty vibe with a chorus to match most of Stevie Rachelle’s best efforts and yet more excellent rhythm section work but also, sadly, more off key at times vocals too. Album closer “Watch Me Die” is a tough, muscular rocker that, along with the title track, is probably the highlight of the album and features another jangly guitar solo for those that need their fix of that.

The production has a far too clean quality that could do with less gloss and more grit to be honest, but the rhythm section of Salas Stewart on rhythm guitar and, particularly JK on bass and KM on drums are, as I mentioned before, excellent throughout, whilst MK’s guitar work is efficient in doing precisely what is required of him. Vocalist Amal Dev Nambiar is certainly enthusiastic in his passion but his delivery is often, as already stated, strained and jarring at times, which is a shame.

The very fact that Skreen 6 have achieved historic status already is, of course, only to be loudly applauded; and there is definite potential in the songs and performances overall, but, without wishing to be patronizing – a little maturity and material road testing can only serve to be hugely beneficial in improving the promise shown here.

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Rockin’ Head
03. Life Is Too Short To Die
04. Cry
05. On My Way
06. Whisper of The Rain
07. All We See Tonight
08. Watch Me Die

Band Members:
MK – guitar
KM – drums
JK – bass
Salas Stewart – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Amal Dev Nambiar – vocals

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, September 2023

Skreen 6‘s “Life Is Too Short To Die” video:

Skreen 6‘s “Rockin’ Head” video: