Sleazy Roxxx: ‘Dangerous Obsession’

Sleazy Roxxx coverSLEAZY ROXXX
Released in June 2014 (City Of Lights)

I have known of the band Sleazy Roxxx for more than a year now and have always been curious as to how they sound like considering how close that the group’s name is to the website Sleaze Roxx. Could Sleazy Roxxx be the flag bearer for Sleaze Roxx going forward?

I am kind of on the fence about Sleazy Roxxx‘s Dangerous Obsession. Some of the songs or portions of them are really good, yet sometimes they really suck. A lot of these fluctuations have do with singer Lee Glambert‘s vocal delivery which is limited and definitely fits a lot better with the faster sleazy rockers that Sleazy Roxxx can deliver. While Lambert‘s voice is tolerable on the faster rockers, it is close to unbearable to listen to on the ballad type songs such as “Lima Sierra Delta” and “Live Fast – Die Young.”

With a name such as Sleazy Roxxx, you got to expect some cheesy aspects and a band that does not take itself too seriously. Certainly, just the song titles themselves tell you what you need to know with “Porn To Be Wild” and “Sex, Drugs And Ice Cream!” In fact, these guys can give Steel Panther a run for their money in terms of clichés. However, even Steel Panther do not resort — as far as I know — to having a woman moaning, presumably while she is having sex, in the middle of one of their songs but that is exactly what can be heard on Sleazy Roxxx‘s opening track, the aptly named “Porn To Be Wild,” a song that is filled with good melodies and harmonies but also poor decisions (i.e. woman or girl moaning). Sleazy Roxxx are also not afraid to borrow heavily from certain songs as the intro guitar melody on “Girl From 80s” sounds eerily similar to Poison‘s “Fallen Angel.” The one standout track has to be “Long Way To Mexico” where Sleazy Roxxx seem to put everything together — a great catchy guitar riff to kick off and throughout the song, simple yet effective verses and a catchy chorus.

Sleazy Roxxx‘s Dangerous Obsession has enough really good parts to make it worthwhile to listen to but it won’t be setting the world on fire for best record of the year. I think that Sleazy Roxxx have the potential to deliver a much stronger record, which will depend a lot on how they can maximize the good elements of Glambert‘s limited vocal delivery to the fullest.

Track List:
01. Innocent Memories
02. Porn To Be Wild
03. Draw The Lion
04. Lima Sierra Delta
05. Long Way To Mexico
06. Sex, Drugs And Ice Cream
07. Live Fast – Die Young
08. Bastard
09. Girl From 80s
10. Kentucky Highway
11. White Gold
12. Under Magenta Sky (2012 bonus track)

Band Members:
Lee Glambert – vocals
Steve St. James – guitar
Jan Vandervell – bass
George O’Lingerie – drums

Recorded by Vladimir Budik and Jan Andrle

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, September 2015

02. Porn to be wild

Sleazy RoXxX