Sleazy RoXxX: ‘Topless Suicide’

Released on September 30, 2016 (Independent)

What a difference a new singer, guitarist and drummer will do! Can you even consider a band to still be “that” band when three fourths of the group has been replaced? Similar to Slovenian rockers Tomcat where bassist Ĺ ujo cleaned house so to speak, Czech rockers Sleazy RoXxX‘s bassist Jan Vandervell did a major overhaul to the band’s line-up given that he is the lone man standing from the sleaze rockers’ previous album Dangerous Obsession, which was released only two and a half years ago.

The weak link on Sleazy RoXxX‘s previous album Dangerous Obssession was lead vocalist Lee Glambert whose singing on the slower tracks was tough to listen to. This time around, Sleazy RoXxX have a singer that can seemingly handle anything with lead vocalist Paulie Weston. The rest of the band is solid as well with newcomers Vinnie Cage (drums) and James Dinner (guitar) gelling well with Vandervell. Topless Suicide starts off a little slow with Weston adopting a darker deeper voice on the opening track “Dirty Sanchez” before the song actually takes off into a decent rocker. The first video/single “Catch The World” is a well played melodic track. I remember how impressed I was when I first heard it thinking that Sleazy RoXxX had finally found a top notch singer to accompany its sometimes strong musical compositions.

Although there is only one guitarist listed for the band, it sounds like there are quite a few guitar harmonies on the album including for portions of “Catch The World,” the next track “Let It Roll,” “Last Drifter” and the album closer “The Stinger.” There must be some additional musicians that play on Topless Suicide because the surprising decently good ballad (I am usually not a big fan of ballads) “Crystal” sounds like it has quite a bit of keyboards on it. The more I listen to Topless Suicide, the more I like it and find that most tracks are good ones. The one exception is “Sweet Suffer In Pain” where I suffer silently and in pain listening to Weston take on an unnecessary “weird” voice during the verses for that song. Funny enough, “Sweet Suffer In Pain” has a catchy and engaging chorus but Weston‘s singing during the verses leaves to be desired. I always wonder why bands bury some of their best tracks deep into their albums and that is indeed the case with Sleazy RoXxX whose song “Riots!!!” is an anthemic piece that should be front and center for this album. Probably the best song of all is again buried deep in the album as “Share The Space” is a catchy rocker with lots of great melodies.  

Overall, Sleazy RoXxX have come up with a very good effort in Topless Suicide, which is miles above what they offered with their previous album Dangerous Obsession. To me, the most surprising aspect of Topless Suicide is the strong melodies throughout which gives the album a melodic rock edge while retaining the sleazy aspect that you know Sleaze Roxx always likes!

Track List:
01. Dirty Sanchez
02. Catch The World
03. Let’s Roll
04. Crystal
05. Nymphomaniac
06. Sweet Suffer In Pain
07. Riots!!!
08. Share The Space
09. Last Drifter
10. Galaxy Rider
11. The Stinger

Band Members:
Vinnie Cage – drums, vocals
James Dinner – guitar, vocals
Paulie Weston – lead vocals
Jan Vandervell – bass

Recorded by Vladimir Budik and Jan Andrle
Produced by Vladimir Budik and Sleazy RoXxX

Band Website:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, December 2016

Sleazy RoXxX‘s “Catch The World” video:

Sleazy RoXxX – Catch the World [Official Music Video] single from the upcoming 2016 album “Topless Suicide” Scr…