Slipping Stitches – Melody Cruise

Slipping Stitches - Melody Cruise
Released 2004 (Glam Productions)

Track List:
01. Parasite
02. I Do
03. Not With You
04. Edge Of A Dream
05. Every Time
06. Waiting For Me
07. She’s No Angel
08. Give Me A Sign
09. Dry Your Eyes
10. No Privacy
11. What If I Knew

Cashmire Starz – vocals, guitars and keyboards
Marty Stitch – guitar, vocals and keyboards
Madison Pulse – bass
Lexx Avenue – drums

Additional Musicians:
Michael Monroe – background vocals (10 & 11)

Produced by Slipping Stitches. Tracks 10 & 11 produced by Michael Monroe.

To be honest, upon first listen I wasn’t very impressed with Slipping Stitches. But I decided to give the disc another listen recently and was glad I did. Melody Cruise is just as the name suggests, well-produced glitter glam with big harmonies and guitar licks.

  I’m having trouble comparing this band to anyone, and even though I hear elements of Enuff Z’Nuff and perhaps Platinum Blonde, neither of those gives a good description of what is happening on this release. Even Michael Monroe was involved on the band’s debut EP – two of the songs appear here as bonus tracks – however comparing Slipping Stitches to either Hanoi Rocks or Monroe‘s solo career would also be a misrepresentation. Cashmire Starz has a unique voice and actually sings, no screaming or growls here. Marty Stitch isn’t afraid to unleash memorable guitar hooks whenever he has the chance on songs such as “Give Me A Sign”.

  My favorite moments are the over the top “Parasite” (I can’t get its chorus out of my head), the driving rhythm of “Not With You” and the irresistibly catchy “She’s No Angel”. I suggest everyone go to and check out the audio and video clips. But make sure you give the songs a few listens, because they will grow on you like a bad case of jock itch!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2004.

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