Snew – Snew You

Snew - Snew You

Released 2008 (Maman Music)

Track List:
01. Stand Up High
02. Got Love
03. Snew You
04. She’s A Real Gunslinger
05. Kick Me Over
06. Head Trauma
07. Electric Is The Law
08. Get It To Go
09. Vibrator
10. Heavy Water

Band Members:
Curtis Don Vito – vocals
Andy Lux – guitar
Cat Tate – bass
Mark Ohrenberger – drums

Produced by Bobby Owinski.

Some music begs you to listen, some music tells you to crank it up and some music just rams itself down your throat. California’s Snew plays the later, and what they play is a version of Jackyl‘s southern sleaze with an attitude that would make Jesse James Dupree cower in fear.

Good luck finding a bad song on this debut, in fact you won’t even get a second to catch your breath. Snew screams, rocks and pummels from beginning to end with a determination that only a band this young and fresh could muster up. Even when the band adds in some distorted vocals, like on the song “Snew You”, it still works to perfection. The group manage to keep things pretty simple, in the way AC/DC does, but their energy makes Black Ice sound like a CD by a lounge act.

It’s a good thing the band members have long hair, because these songs are tailor made for giving your neck a workover due to headbanging furry. Snew You kicks off with “Stand Up High”, a song that starts with an 80’s guitar riff as it evolves into a hard rock anthem. “Got Love” sounds like Jackyl meets Rhino Bucket as you can feel the cowboy boots stomping right through your stereo speakers. My personal favorite is the aforementioned “Snew You” as it just sounds so evil and mean with the distorted vocals, it is a song that has to be turned up to 11.

“Kick Me Over” sounds like it fell off a Dirty Looks album while “Head Trauma” reminds me of a revved up version of AC/DC‘s “Ride On”. “Vibrator” slow things down a little bit, and therefore don’t equal the greatness of the other tunes, but that is a very small complaint about an otherwise great album.

I love it when a young band like Snew releases a record that reinforces my love for hard rock music. By hearing so many albums I often feel as if I’m getting jaded by so much mediocre music coming out, but then someone like Snew comes along and beats that thought out of your head. Unless you hate Jackyl, or are a complete pussy, I see no reason why you wouldn’t pick up Snew You. –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, November 2008.

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