Snew: ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’

Released on September 17, 2018 (Snew)

Snew are one of the many underrated “do it yourself” bands plying their trade in the United States of America in an almost unfortunate and relative anonymity. Last year, Snew released their fourth studio album titled You’ve Got Some Nerve. After releasing three albums — Snew You (2008), We Do What We Want (2010) and What’s It To Ya (2012) — with two years apart between records, the inevitable money issue (an issue that plagues any “do it yourself” group) seems to be the primary reason why Snew took more than six years to release You’ve Got Some Nerve. I was meaning on reviewing Snew‘s latest album a lot sooner than this but I misplaced my CD copy almost a year ago and it’s only recently that my six year old daughter “found it” in the pocket in the back of one of the front seats. Obviously, I had never thought of looking there since my vehicle’s CD collection is usually up front and not accessible from the back of the car.

Snew play some rather straightforward uncomplicated rock n’ roll which is like a cross between AC/DC and Jackyl. They are not reinventing the wheel here and none of the nine tracks on You’ve Got Some Nerve will forge a new musical path. In fact, it’s a little bit predictable in terms of what you’re getting aside that Snew have incorporated trumpet and saxophone sounds into some of the tracks. I would actually be interested to hear the various songs without the trumpet and saxophone as an even more stripped sound might work even better for the tracks. Curtis Don Vito‘s raspy voice seemingly lacks range but works for the songs offered on You’ve Got Some Nerve. The one real knock that I have for You’ve Got Some Nerve is that there are no songs that really stand out. All of the songs are enjoyable as they all feel somewhat similar but nothing stands out.

I confess that I have not heard Snew‘s entire discography but have heard whatever songs were released in video format (which is quite a bit as Don Vito is quite prolific in terms of releasing stuff on YouTube). My predecessor Skid placed the band’s debut album Snew You as the #9 entry on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2008 but the latter two records couldn’t crack Sleaze Roxx‘s year end list. The same thing goes for You’ve Got Some Nerve, which couldn’t crack the 2018 year end list and to be honest, wasn’t ever in contention. It’s not that the album is a bad one though. Snew unapologetically deliver their brand of straightforward rock but there’s something missing to my ears. That “je ne sais quoi” to put the songs over the top. Overall, You’ve Got Some Nerve is enjoyable to listen to but there’s nothing on it that really makes me pine to hear it again.

Track List:
01. Ur Freaking me Out
02. Holy Hell
03. Acetylene Queen
04. Put Upon
05. Sharpie
06. You Tell Me
07. Something New Everybody Wants
08. Revolution Is A Closed Loop
09. You’ve Got Some Nerve

Band Members:
Curtis Don Vito – vocals, harmonica
Andy Lux – lead guitar
Mark Ohrenberger – drums
Lenny Spickle – rhythm guitar
Paul Ill – bass

Additional Musicians:
Mark Pender – trumpet
Joe Sublett – tenor sax
Bobby Oswinski – keyboards

Produced and mixed by Bobby Oswinski
Engineered by J.J. Blair
Assistant engineer: Gabe Lowry
Mastered by Gene Grimaldi

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, September 2019

Snew‘s “UR Freaking Me Out” video:

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Snew‘s “Something New Everybody Wants” video:

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Snew‘s “Holy Hell” video:

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