Sonicrush – Sonicrush

Sonicrush - Sonicrush
Released 2004 (Sonicrush)

Track List:
01. I Wanna Know
02. Waiting For You
03. All That I Am
04. Hit The Lights
05. I Found You

Jason Witte – vocals, guitar, bass and drums

Additional Musicians:
Brian Downing – guitar

Produced by Jason Witte.

Sonicrush is currently a four-piece band, but their debut EP is essentially the work of one man, Jason Witte. Musically I am reminded of straightforward party bands such as Sister Whiskey, good old-fashioned fun hard rock.

  The irresistible beats of “I Wanna Know” reminded me of Lord Tracy‘s “She’s A Bitch” but would have fit perfectly on Sister Whiskey‘s Liquor & Poker album, while “Waiting For You” had a laid-back Sea Hags vibe going on throughout the chorus. “All That I Am” would be Sonicrush‘s attempt at fitting into the current musical landscape, with its moody and dreamy delivery. AC/DC‘s Angus and Malcolm Young didn’t guest on “Hit The Lights”, but at times it sounds like they were in the studio!

  Overall Witte seems to scoff at current trends and opts to play hard rock instead, and he does an admirable job. The disc ends on a sub par note with “I Found You”, but the previous four songs (especially the incredible “I Wanna Know”) show that Sonicrush has a good grasp on how to deliver catchy guitar riffs and melodies. The band can be found at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2004.

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