Soundstone – Scratchin’ At My Door

Soundstone - Scratchin' At My Door
Released 2007 (Soundstone)

Track List:
01. Still I Wake
02. Everybody Knows
03. Good For The Soul

Declan Bannon – vocals
Adrian McAleenan – guitar
Ryan Lilly – bass
Nicolas Pascual – drums

Additional Musicians:
Mark McMullan – rhythm guitar
Chris McMullan – drums

Produced, Recorded and mixed by Neal Calderwood.

What do we have here? A three song EP from Northern Ireland band Soundstone is what we have.

  “Everybody Knows” is melodic rock at its finest. It’s a good catchy song, but clocking in at over five minutes it’s about two minutes too long and it gets a tad drawn out, mainly because it lacks lyrically. It seems as if Soundstone have extended it to have a damn good jam session, and there is nothing wrong with that of course, but it slightly bores me after the four minute mark. If you are into listening to some chunky and overall tight musicianship, you will enjoy this number.

  “Good For The Soul” displays how great these guys are at playing together as a band. Everything fits together nicely. You can just about picture the 60s vibe; flower power, hippies and sitting around getting stoned to this one.

  And saving the best until last, “Still I Wake”, is the definite highlight here. Although sounding nothing like Steppenwolf, for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, the beginning somehow reminds me of the anthem-like “Born To Be Wild”. It is foot tapping stuff with great guitar work weaving in, out, around and about. Vocalist Declan Bannon (with perfect timing on this track) goes from sounding mellow and laid back, to at times spitting out the vocals and it’s all good.

  I like Scratchin’ At My Door. Soundstone have a groovy type of sound and feel to them that is a bit different and fresh. Check it out man. –

Reviewed by Tania for Sleaze Roxx, February 2008.

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