SteelCity: ‘Mach II’

Released on March 20, 2020 (Perris Records)

L.A. melodic rockers, SteelCity, strut and flaunt their influences with unabashed shame on their sophomore effort Mach II. Combining a ’70s classic rock foundation with an ’80s glam metal flavor, SteelCity deliver 11 fiery tracks with a fresh and energetic sound. Although the band isn’t reinventing the genre in any way, SteelCity’s Mach II is more like hard rock / metal “comfort food” in these trying times. Due to the infectious use of their Hammond organ, the band’s ’70s rock influences shine through fantastically, thus separating SteelCity from their ’80s throwback metal peers.

The pedigree of the musicians in the band is astounding, as the musicianship is top-notch. Featuring stunning vocalist Roy Cathey (Cold SweatThe Fifth), founding member, principal songwriter and guitarist Mike Floros (Idora), bassist Jason Cronwell (ex-Eric Martin Band), keyboardist Tony Stahl (Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, DeadRisen), and, powerhouse drummer BJ Zampa (House of Lords, Obsession, Yngwie J. Malmsteen), the band knows how to craft songs that will appeal to fans of arena rock and “guitar hero” types of music, as most of Floros’ solos are absolute scorchers. 

Opener “Hearts On Fire” is a blast right out of the ’80s “hair metal” scene; decorated with fiery guitar leads, a groove-based slinky swagger and glorious vocal harmonies, topped off with an infectious singalong chorus. Cathey’s vocal blueprint is a combination of somewhere between Brian Vollmer of Helix and Jon Bon Jovi, while the instrumentation is equally impressive. Although there’s really not a bad apple in the bunch, the one-plus minute keyboard-laden instrumental “Prayer For Love” seems a bit useless positioned right before the ballad-esque closer “Down To One,” making the album slightly lose all of its momentum right at the end. 

However, Mach II immediately impresses upon first listen and is actually even more rewarding after each subsequent listen. The familiarity, the energy of the musicians and the infectiousness of the 11 tracks are mesmerizing and addictive at the same time. With a massive production, catchy as hell tunes and stellar musicianship, SteelCity push it into overdrive on Mach II.

Track List:
01. Hearts On Fire
02. Dead Men
03. Steal Your Heart
04. Wasted Time
05. I Cry
06. A Little Love
07. Still Close to My Heart
08. Give It Back
09. Spotlight
10. Prayer For Love
11. Down To One

Band Members:
Roy Cathey – vocals
Mike Floros – guitars
Jason Cornwell – bass
BJ Zampa – drums
Tony Stahl – keyboards

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Kelley Simms for Sleaze Roxx, March 2020

SteelCity‘s “Hearts On Fire” lyric video:

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