Stick It Out – Stick It Out

Stick It Out - Stick It Out

Released 2008 (Stick It Out)

Track List:
01. Marry The Swine
02. Dog’s Friday Night
03. Sgt Lizzie
04. Jack The Bastard
05. Slippin’ Away
06. I Wanna Be A Parasite Too
07. Neat Neat Neat
08. Stop Teasin’ Me
09. Soakin’ Wet Skin
10. Touch
11. You S.U.C.K.
12. Wooden Spoon (live)

Freddie – vocals
Dave – guitar
Andy – guitar
Trip – bass
Fo – drums

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andy and Dave.

Hot damn! The debut disc by Italian rockers Stick It Out is rock and roll the way it is meant to be played. Gritty and unpretentious with a heavy 80s rock influence, this band incorporates great songwriting with a phenomenal production and a whole lot of fun. It is the stuff sleaze rockers dream about. Stick It Out offers up nothing more than a good time and all of the songs on this disc make good on that deal, as they generally contain a catchy hook and enough swagger to satisfy even the most discriminate listener.

  While I feel every song on this record seriously kicks ass, there were a few that I had to hit the rewind button on and listen to again. The riff driven “Sgt. Lizzie” is one of those tunes. From the very first note the groove seeps into your soul and becomes so infectious you cannot help but move to it. Most definitely, a tune to be played on a hot summer night cranked to eleven with the windows rolled down.

  A cover of Faster Pussycat‘s “Jack The Bastard” is another one of those tunes, but for a different reason. While this song also has a great riff it also includes some awesome guitar shredding and great big production with a huge chorus and background vocals. Even the slowed down blues driven number “Wooden Spoon” is very good. Yes, it is a bit on the commercial side, but it is easy to see this tune lighting up the all request lines at your local rock station.

  Stick It Out is good…REALLY GOOD. It should be a necessary addition to any metal head’s collection. –

Reviewed by Bruce Moore for Sleaze Roxx, February 2009.

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