Sunset Mob: ‘Under My Skin’

Sunset Mob CD coverSUNSET MOB
Released in September 2014 (Sunset Mob)

Well, here we go again my friends. Yet another way way way too talented gathering of Brazilians laying down an EP of AOR/melodic hard rock goodness so so so sweet. I will guarantee you a mouth full of cavities, but a smile on your face you will have! Oh, yes you will!

For your listening pleasure, please welcome Sunset Mob and their 2014 EP Under My Skin.

First stop, the cover. How you doin’ legs? No better way to engage 90% of the rock n roll community, color me intrigued. Insert disc and the first cut “Delusions” starts a ripping. Super heavy riff brought forth by the more than proficient guitarist Andre Cunha that would hold up on any George Lynch/Jake E. Lee endeavour. It’s simply super heavy, super melodic and insanely tasty. Pablo Periera joins in with his saccharine sweet vocals which are a cross between BadlandsRay Gillan and  everyone’s favorite AOR band Journey‘s frontman Steve Perry. The tune sways and unfolds as an arena rock “how to” session. Very nice indeed. The title track is next with its Dokken inspired “The Hunter” main riff that segues into and out of another amalgamation of Badlandsish Journey inspired chorus and rhythms for this mid tempo rocker with a key fueled bridge that will send chills.

“Sail Away” — the disc’s mega power ballad is next and like any great disc, we need that epic song of new love, long lost love and/or heartbreak that takes us back to high school where the “Open Arms” and “Still Lovin’ You”‘s were the soundtracks of our pre-pubescent love lives. Rounding off the EP is “I’ll Be Waiting” — an AOR ditty that screams “play me really loud and on endless repeat.” Very catchy harmonies and a rhythm that will not only rattle your windows but shake your soul. Of note, the smattering of keys and bottom end duties are handled with precision like efficiency. Luis Viper (bass), Allan Juliano (drums) and Jose Cardilio (keys) deserve two thumbs up for their collective efforts on these four tracks.

Under My Skin is a very well appointed EP. Pretty near perfect for staunch scrutinizers of the genre. The players are highly proficient and as mentioned, if you like your melodic hard rock served up on a Journey, Badlands and Dokken platter, than this Sunset Mob is ripe for your consumption. Here’s to new music and a long play in Sunset Mob‘s future! I know I’m buying…

Track List:
01. Delusions
02.Under My Skin
03. Sail Away
04. I’ll Be Waiting

Band Members:
Pablo Pereira – lead vocals
Andre Cunha – lead and rhythm Guitars
Luis Viper – bass
Allan Juliano – drums

Additional Musicians:
Jose Cardilio – keyboards, synths
Viviany Olivier – backing vocals

Produced by Sunset Mob and Henrique Baboom

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Terry Martinson for Sleaze Roxx, May 2016

Sunset Mob Trailer

Sunset Mob is a Melodic Rock band from São Paulo – Brazil. It was born out of the concept of bringing the best of Hard Rock and AOR in the same tasty mix.