Suzy Sunless – Damned By The Nite

Suzy Sunless - Damned By The Nite
Released 2003 (Suzy Sunless)

Track List:
01. Damned By The Nite
02. Ghost Driver
03. A Little Bit Of Your Shine

Timppa – vocals
Junde – guitar and background vocals
Timo Tolkkinen – guitar
Altsi – bass
Jammu – drums

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Asa Nyman. Co-produced by Junde.

My first question is, who slipped Shotgun Messiah‘s Second Coming into this Suzy Sunless package? As soon as I heard “Damned By The Nite” it was if I was being transported back to the sleazy underside of early 90s hard rock. Finland’s Suzy Sunless defy current trends on this three song single and seem willing to throw away fame and fortune in favor of pride and some contagious barroom disease.

  “Damned By The Nite” is a scorcher, with just a pinch of punk, and an aggressive chorus. “Ghost Driver” is spewing with venom and a supercharged “Sweet Child O’Mine” guitar sound. The final song is a dark Kik Tracee type ballad, it gets the job done but doesn’t offer anything new. Suzy Sunless’ single is available at their website and is without a doubt a band to watch!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2004.

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