Sven Gali: ‘3’

To be released on June 12, 2020 (RFL Records)

It’s been 25 years since Canadian rockers Sven Gali released their sophomore album Inwire. I must confess that I never really followed Sven Gali back in the day but a couple of years ago before their latest comeback, I picked up their debut self-titled album released back in 1992. I was surprised by two things. First, I knew quite a few of the songs and second, the album was awesome! I also knew that Sven Gali‘s sophomore album Inwire, which was released 25 years ago, was heavily (and sadly) influenced by grunge music. Just prior to Sven Gali playing some Canadian dates on their 2018 Unfinished Business Tour, they had released a lyric video for a new single titled “Kill The Lies.” Unfortunately, that song seemed to have a lot more in common with the material on the group’s grunge like sophomore record Inwire than the band’s scorching self-titled debut.

I ended up catching three shows from Sven Gali‘s 2018 Unfinished Business Tour during the summer of 2018. By the third show in Toronto, I got the strong impression that the Sven Gali members — at least the three original ones consisting of lead vocalist Dave Wanless, guitarist Andy Frank and bassist Shawn Minden — liked the material off Inwire way more than the songs off their self-titled debut. When a singer tells the audience that one of the group’s favourite songs is off the band’s grunge like album, that kind of worries me. When a singer also advises the audience that the group loves playing a song (“Hurt”) that didn’t make it onto the band’s grunge like record, that also worries me. Although the first single “Kill The Lies” was a a very strong hint in which direction that Sven Gali would be going with their new material, I was secretly hoping that they would come up with some songs in the vain of their self-titled debut album.

I realize that Sven Gali‘s forthcoming EP 3 won’t be released for another month and a half. However, the reality is that the group has already released three of the four songs and the last track (“Hurt”), they have been playing live for about 25 years. Accordingly, although I don’t have a copy of the EP yet, there’s no point in waiting for the EP to actually come out to review it. I’ve heard all of the songs on the EP one way or another. Truth be told, if a new band that did not have Sven Gali‘s resume (i.e. their stellar self-titled debut album) released the song “Kill The Lies”, they would most likely not be getting any coverage on Sleaze Roxx. That’s how far removed the single “Kill The Lies” is from the songs off Sven Gali‘s self-titled debut album. The single “Now” which was just released today is no better and frankly really uninspiring. There is the almost whimper like lyrics, the points where the song is brought to an almost standstill and a general lack of cohesiveness to the entire track. “Now” is another song that would most likely not be featured on Sleaze Roxx if it wasn’t for Sven Gali‘s past accomplishments.

One semi-decent song — and I use the term “semi-decent” loosely — on 3 is “You Won’t Break Me” simply because it showcases Wanless‘ singing a lot more than the other tracks on the EP and there’s a bit more melody to the song. “Hurt” closes the EP and as previously stated, I haven’t heard the studio version but have heard it the three times that I caught Sven Gali playing live and there’s a YouTube video of the band playing the song live more than 25 years ago! “Hurt” happens to be the best song that can be found on 3 with a good melody line for the chorus but the reality is that it would likely be among the weaker tracks if featured on Sven Gali‘s self-titled debut album. Hopefully, the band has improved the guitar solo for its forthcoming studio version of the track from the disjointed one that can be heard live back in ’93.

Overall, I am glad to see that Sven Gali are finally on the verge of releasing their third album. Unfortunately, the songs on the EP are really nothing like what can be found on Sven Gali‘s debut album and that’s a real shame since trying to bring grunge like material to a “hair metal” crowd just isn’t going to cut it. What I have to come to terms with is simply that Sven Gali are presumably playing what they like with the songs on 3 and they will likely never get back to the type of material that put them on the map in the first place.

Track List:
01. Kill The Lies
02. You Won’t Break Me
03. Now
04. Hurt

Band Members:
Dave Wanless – vocals
Andy Frank – guitar
Shawn Minden – bass
Sean Williamson – guitar
Dan Fila – drums

Produced and mixed by David Bendeth (1, 2)
Engineered by Brian Robbins (1, 2)
Mastered by Ted Jenson
Produced and mixed by Jon Howard and Sven Gali (3, 4)

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, April 2020

Sven Gali‘s “Kill The Lies” lyric video:

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Sven Gali‘s “You Won’t Break Me” single:

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Sven Gali‘s “Now” single:


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