Sweet F.A. – Stick To Your Guns

Sweet F.A. - Stick To Your Guns
Released 1989 (MCA)
Billboard Chart Position #161

Track List:
01. Prince of The City
02. Nothin’ For Nothin’
03. Rhythm of Action
04. Do A Little Drivin’
05. Daily Grind
06. Stick To Your Guns
07. Whiskey River
08. I Love Women
09. Breakin’ The Law
10. Heart of Gold
11. Devil’s Road
12. Southern Comfort

Band Members:
Steven David DeLong – vocals
Jon “Lightning” Huffman – guitar and backing vocals
James Thunder – guitar and backing vocals
Jim Quick – bass
Tricky Lane – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Howard Benson – keyboards
Jeffrey Baker – Mississippi saxophone

Produced by Howard Benson.

First of all let me say that Sweet F.A. kicks ass! If you need proof check out “Rhythm Of Action”, “Daily Grind”, “Stick To Your Guns”, “Whiskey River” and the pulsating “I Love Women”, all rocking tunes. There is also a nice ballad called “Heart Of Gold” and an acoustical number named after the band’s favorite drink, “Southern Comfort”.

This album rocks from start to finish, and has everything a sleaze fan could possibly ask for. Sweet F.A. looked good, sounded killer, and wrote excellent tunes, but fame sadly eluded them. Stick To Your Guns is a must have, and easily receives two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, July 2003.

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