Sweet Teaze – Groovin’ On The Backside

Groovin' On The Backside
Released 2006 (Suncity Records)

Track List:
01. Groovin’
02. Don’t Kick Me When I’m Down
03. Broken Heart
04. Slippin’ Away
05. Can’t Take No More
06. Criminal Attraction
07. Borrowed Time
08. Can’t Find It, Grind It
09. Never Was A Good Boy
10. Heartless Woman

Matt Matthews – lead vocals
Raymond Jay Eveland – guitars
Mike “Snake” Edwards – bass and keyboards
Dave Press – drums

Produced and mastered by Sweet Teaze. Re-mastered by Gregg Fulkerson.

The internet is a wonderful thing and not just because of all the free porn. The internet also breaths life into many lost and forgotten recordings. I remember Sweet Teaze and their sought after independent release Do It Till It Hurtz (good luck finding that one), but I never realized that they recorded demos for a major label after winning a ‘battle of the bands’ contest. Of course an evil entity named grunge came along and buried those recordings until now.

  Groovin’ On The Backside captures the sound of an era long gone, and in 1990 bands such as Sweet Teaze were a dime-a-dozen. But those days seem like eons ago and this release is like finding a time capsule and getting chills down your spine remembering the good ol’ days.

  This album reminds me of Steelheart‘s Tangled In Reins but without the glass shattering vocals, which cuts the annoyance factor down considerably. If you want rock songs, you’ve got them. “Groovin'”, “Don’t Kick Me When I’m Down”, “Borrowed Time”, “Never Was a Good Boy” and the best of the bunch “Heartless Woman” come complete with guitar solos, heavy beats, catchy choruses and silly lyrics. If you want ballads, they are here too in “Broken Heart” and “Slippin’ Away” which reminded me of Skid Row‘s “I’ll Remember You” during the verses.

  I guess you could say this stays too close to the 80s rock formula, but this formula has rarely been implemented in the last 15 years. Once again Suncity Records did a hell of a job, making a small release look like a major label offering. Liner notes, pictures, lyrics and great party music – it’s all here and all dedicated to the departed Mike “Snake” Edwards. Don’t you just wish it was 1990 all over again?


Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2006.

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