Switchblade Serenade – Alive At Night

switchblade Serenade - Alive At Night

Released January 10, 2014 (Switchblade Serenade)

Track List:
01. Alive At Night
02. Who Are You
03. Mouthful Of Dirt
04. On The Run
05. Perfect Sin
06. Drive Me Insane
07. Axe To Grind
08. Full Throttle
09. The Ritual

Austin Jaser – vocals and guitar
Ed Mandevil – bass and backing vocals
Luke Barone – drums and backing vocals

Produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Bellmore.

I really like discovering new bands, coming from virtually nowhere, that surprise me with a really good album. Switchblade Serenade hail from New Haven, Connecticut, and are living, breathing proof that Scandinavia is not the only place in the world breeding young sleaze rock talent.

  The best thing about Switchblade Serenade is that even though the trio of players are very young, technically they are absolutely terrific. The rhythm section sounds tight like few others and the guitar solos are insane and crunchy at the same time. The band’s debut album Alive At Night delivers a very strong power rock sound — balancing on the verge of heavy metal but not crossing the fine line between the two genres. It is just very powerful sounding hard rock.

  From the beginning, with songs like the title track, “Who Are You”, and “Mouthful Of Dirt”, Switchblade Serenade moves along without ever losing their pace. There are no ballads here, just ‘knock ’em dead’ rock ‘n’ roll. The only downside of that is that after listening to Alive At Night back to back, time and time again, the songs start to blend in with each other. But again, this only proves that the CD demands more than one listen because the songs are really powerful and addictive — just check out the driving “Axe To Grind” for proof. If you listen to this fresh young band while driving, expect to get a speeding ticket sooner or later.

  All jokes aside, Alive At Night is a bad ass record, from a young and hungry band, and I am sure there are great things ahead for Switchblade Serenade. These guys might not have even born when grunge was taking over the mainstream in the early ’90s, and in the process they are living proof that rock ‘n’ roll never dies — it just gets fresh blood and new disciples like Switchblade Serenade.


Reviewed by Fat Peter for Sleaze Roxx, April 2014

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