Tattooed Millionaires – The Band With No Fear

Tattooed Millionaires - The Band With No Fear
Released 2005 (Sex Sells)

Track List:
01. French Kissing
02. Do Ya Feel Alright
03. I Wanna Get In Your Pants
04. There Goes The Neighborhood
05. Rock N Roll Babies
06. Hong Kong Blonde
07. Bad Boys & Astronauts
08. Not My Girl
09. Snow Gun
10. Things Are Looking Bad
11. Waiting For The Man
12. From Venus With Love
13. Show Some Respect

Band Members:
Johnny Jetson – vocals and guitar
Brian Badfinger – bass
Justin Sandler – drums

Produced by Johnny Jetson and Tattooed Millionaires.

The Tattooed Millionaires are the rock and roll bad boys that rock and roll has needed for a very long time! They live the rock and roll lifestyle and have the sound to back them up, let’s not forget the rock and roll looks!

The Tattooed Millionaires‘ sound is nothing short of what you would expect to hear coming from the Hollywood areas. Sex and lust driven lyrics are only the start to this young band. They have guitar riffs that will forever be remembered and will for sure be classics in the future.

Living the lifestyle of their music is what makes it so good; they have an understanding of the Sunset Strip and of life as young rockers. Songs like “I Wanna Get In Your Pants” and “Rock And Roll Babies” pay tribute to those that influenced their music and gives hope that rock and roll will never die.

The songs are guitar and bass driven hits, each having their own hook and their own style. Not one song sounds the same on the album. The music is rough, sexy and decadent, bringing back the style of bands like L.A. Guns and Poison to a new generation.

The album is called The Band With No Fear and that is just what they are, they dare to be different, put out lyrics that you wouldn’t think of hearing in today’s music industry and have a style that is undeniably there own. The songs are undoubtedly rock and roll with the perfect addition of sleaze and punk to make them the future of music! –

Reviewed by Sarah for Sleaze Roxx, July 2006.

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