Tesla – Forever More

Tesla - Forever More

Released on October 7, 2008 (Tesla Electric Company Recordings)
Chart Position #33

Track List:
01. Forever More
02. I Wanna Live
03. One Day At A Time
04. So What!
05. Just In Case
06. Fallin’ Apart
07. Breakin’ Free
08. All Of Me
09. The First Time
10. Pvt. Ledbetter
11. In A Hole Again
12. The Game

Band Members:
Jeff Keith – lead vocals
Frank Hannon – electric/acoustic guitar, keyboards and background vocals
Dave Rude – electric/acoustic/slide guitar and background vocals
Brian Wheat – bass and background vocals
Troy Luccketta – drums and percussion

Produced by Terry Thomas. Engineered by Michael Rosen.

While listening to Tesla‘s latest release, Forever More, one question kept spinning around my head. Has Tesla ever released a bad album? I would have to say no, and with this twelve song platter, the seasoned veterans continue their string of excellence.

Tesla‘s sound hasn’t change a whole bunch since their beginnings, if anything they added a bit of crunch to their sound with 2004’s Into The Now, and this CD follows in the same foot-steps. The lead-off single “I Wanna Live” is absolutely flawless with its positive message and big chorus. The good songs don’t end with the lead-off single though, “One Day At A Time” revs things up and contains a cool guitar solo and “All Of Me” rocks just as much. “The First Time” reminds me of “A Lot To Lose” from Bust A Nut during the chorus and “In A Hole Again” may not be the best song Tesla has ever written, but I can’t get the chorus out of my head.

Forever More isn’t a one dimensional album, as the band mixes up the speed of their delivery throughout the record. There is enough here to satisfy fans of ballads or the more mid-tempo songs (with the best being “Just In Case”) and “Pvt. Ledbetter” garners respect with its heartfelt tribute to the men and women who sacrifice for their country. Each member of the band sounds great, and guitarist Dave Rude has fit in perfectly with this being his first recording of new material with the guys. The only thing missing is the ‘no machines’ slogan, maybe Tesla finally caved in to new technology, but you wouldn’t know by the sound delivered.

If you liked Tesla‘s slightly updated 21st century sound on Into The Now, you’ll enjoy this one as well. While Forever More may not be as instantly memorable as some of the group’s previous releases, it is one of those albums that captures more and more of your attention with each listen. Somehow Tesla have always managed please to ’80s rock fans without totally immersing themselves in the genre and becoming dated like many of their contemporaries, and once again they release a CD that will satisfy a large spectrum of rock fans.

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Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2008.

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