The Answer – Everyday Demons

The Answer - Everyday Demons

The Answer - Everyday Demons special edition

Released 2009 (The End Records)

Track List:
01. Demon Eyes
02. Too Far Gone
03. On And On
04. Cry Out
05. Why’d You Change Your Mind
06. Pride
07. Walkin’ Mat
08. Tonight
09. Dead Of The Night
10. Comfort Zone
11. Evil Man
12. Revolutions
Special Edition Live From Japan Bonus Disc:
01. Come Follow Me
02. No Questions Asked
03. Doctor
04. Never Too Late
05. Keep Believin’
06. Always
07. Sometimes Your Love
08. Under The Sky
09. Preachin’
10. Into The Gutter
11. Sweet Emotion
12. Memphis Water
13. Be What You Want
14. Moment Jam

Cormac Neeson – vocals
Paul Mahon – guitar
Micky Waters – bass
James Heatley – drums

Produced by John Travis.

Last year The Answer made their U.S. debut with the Never Too Late E.P. which received rave reviews, but was that simply a collection of the band’s stronger material? Would they fair just as a well on their full-length North American debut?

  Well the waiting is now over; after spending the tail end of 2008 opening for AC/DC and road testing some of their material on U.S. audiences, they have unleashed Everyday Demons and the result is pretty good. The Answer are a throwback to the classic sounds of Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Cream and such, with just enough modern influences. They truly fuse the last 35 years of rock ‘n roll into one musical effort.

  With that said, Everyday Demons isn’t without its share of shortcomings. Case in point, the track “Comfort Zone” is a ballad that shows The Answers‘ more sensitive side without completely wimping out but in the end the band doesn’t really shine on it. Frankly it gets too far into Creed, Seether and Nickleback territory for me to take it seriously. The Answer are simply better when they are rockin’ and a rollin’ as heard on “Cry Out” which has this retro pop thing going on, as it sounds like beefed up John Parr track. “Pride” is another killer track that shows a band firing on all cylinders and my personal favorite on Everyday Demons while “Dead Of The Night” has a monster groove and guitar riff that is reminiscent of Montrose.

  I’m not completely sold on The Answer just yet. Only time will tell if they have the longevity and growth that the band’s that have influenced contained. I do know they are not only gifted musicians but damn fine songwriters and that makes them more than a flash in the pan. Like ’em or not The Answer have landed. – –

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, April 2009.

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