The Bullseye Dirt – Diamonds And Gold

Diamonds And Gold
Released 2003 (The Bullseye Dirt)

Track List:
01. Far From Home
02. Hey Girl
03. When Night Turns To Dawn
04. Diamonds And Gold

Linus – vocals and guitar
Martin Sweet – guitar
Tobbe – bass, tamborine and backing vocals
Adde – drums

Additional Musicians:
Slayer Eriksson – guest vocals
Karl Thunder – drums (4)

Here is another new Swedish rock band, but one that leans more towards the punk side of things then straight up hard rock. Musically the band seems to have a strong 70s garage rock influence; and I love the band name!.

  Every song on this EP clocks in at around three minutes, so you know things are going to be fast. The more I listen the more I enjoy the guitar sound on this release, especially on “Hey Girl” and “When Night Turns To Dawn”. Some of the riffs have an amped-up early Alice Cooper rock tone. However the vocals just don’t move me, they just don’t have enough grit and attitude for this type of music. Get your hands on a free demo at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2004.

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