The Cult – Born Into This

The Cult - Born Into This

The Cult - Born Into This Savage Edition
Released 2007 (Roadrunner Records)

Track List:
01. Born Into This
02. Citizens
03. Diamonds
04. Dirty Little Rockstar
05. Holy Mountain
06. I Assassin
07. Illuminated
08. Tiger In The Sun
09. Savages
10. Sound Of Destruction
Savage Edition Bonus Disc:
01. Stand Alone
02. War Pony Destroyer
03. I Assassin (demo)
04. Sound Of Destruction (demo)
05. Savages (full length version)

Ian Astbury – vocals
Billy Duffy – guitar
Chris Wyse – bass
John Tempesta – drums

Additional Musicians:
Mike Dimkitch – live rhythm guitar
Youth – bass
David Nock – drums

Produced by Youth. Recorded and mixed by Clive Goddard.

With their first release since 2001’s Beyond Good And Evil, Born Into This is a rebirth of that classic Cult style. With the help of the heavy track “Rise”, Beyond Good And Evil was an experiment in distortion, but The Cult‘s newest single “Dirty Little Rockstar” is a flawless example of recapturing that irresistible 80’s “Lil’ Devil” rock n’ roll sound.

  It’s refreshing to purchase an album and every single song is a delightful rocker. You can play Born Into This from start to finish over and over and discover your new favorite track with each listen. The standout though is definitely “Tiger In The Sun” – Ian Astbury‘s vocals are at their peak and Billy Duffy‘s accompaniment is beautiful (sorry to sound like a sissy, but it is). It sounds like Ian is being inhabited by the ghost of Elvis Presley on the haunting “Holy Mountain”, and shows just how dynamic Astbury‘s vocal range truly is.

  The album is so good that you should have no qualms actually buying it, instead of simply downloading it free of charge. In concert, Astbury said The Cult is getting noticed again, and with such a musical accomplishment it’s easy to see why. I was just as hungry to hear the new album live as I was to hear “Firewoman”.

  The Cult is the perfect fusion of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and The Doors (sounds like an odd mix, but it’s been their signature for over 20 years), and with Born Into This it’s quite evident The Cult has not expired, nor been forced to adapt to the awful trends of the plaguing music industry. If you do not already own Born Into This put it on your Christmas list. – –

Reviewed by Graham LaMontagne for Sleaze Roxx, December 2007.

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