The Dead Daisies: ‘Live & Louder’

To be released on May 19, 2017 (Spitfire Music/SPV)

From the first note of “Long Way To Go”, you can hear that Live & Louder is an impressive recording. It couldn’t have been mixed any better if the entire thing had been done in a studio as opposed to being live. It has very present vocals; nicely blended background vocals that have that true, live sound; loud bass; and, a bright, clean, full but not overly distorted guitar sound. You would think the band was set up right in front of you. It is also very apparent that John Corabi didn’t record his vocals in a studio. They are rough, gritty, raw… and 100% everything we love about John Corabi.

In concert, The Dead Daisies have power and charisma that is enchanting. They play with a precision that’s incredibly impressive and, surprisingly, this comes across perfectly on this live album. While most ‘live’ albums are full of overdubs and studio recordings — remember, KISSAlive II was found to be a studio album into which they put pre-recorded crowd cheering — these guys are highly seasoned players. The band consists of John Corabi (The Scream, Mötley Crüe, Union), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, Hurricane), Marco Mendoza (Black Star Riders as well as the reformed line-up of Thin Lizzy where he toured with Whitesnake’s John Sykes) and Brian Tichy (Whitenake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, Operation: Mindcrime, T&N) who is one of today’s most phenomenal drummers around, and finally, the Australian guitarist who formed the band, David Lowy (Doc Neeson’s Angels, Red Phoenix, Mink). These guys aren’t players that have to focus on hitting the notes or staying in time. They’ve perfected that art. They can focus on locking into the groove and delivering the mood and attitude of a song. These guys use their talent and technique to ‘tell the story’ and they do it incredibly well together.

The Dead Daisies cover the gamut on this live album from great songs like “Long Way To Go”, “Mexico” and “Song And A Prayer” to covers like “Helter Skelter”, “Midnight Moses” and the best version of “American Band” I’ve ever heard. It even tops Rob Zombie‘s version which I loved. I can’t recommend this live album enough! It’s loud and it’s spectacular!

Digipack + DVD Track List:
01. Long Way To Go
02. Mexico
03. Make Some Noise
04. Song And A Prayer
05. Fortunate Son
06. We All Fall Down
07. Lock ‘ N’ Load
08. Something I Said
09. Last Time I Saw The Sun
10. Join Together
11. With You And I
12. Band Intros
13. Mainline
14. Helter Skelter
15. American Band
16. Midnight Moses

DVD content:
Documentary “Live & Louder” (40 min)
01. Intro
02. Looking Back at 2016
03. Touring with the Daisies
04. Doug Aldrich
05. Show Preparation
06. Stage Fright
07. Song Favorites
08. Cover Songs
09. The Signing Sessions
10. Looking to the Future

Tour Recaps (25 min)
01. Recording
02. Musikmesse / Hessentag
03. Summer Tour
04. Freedom to Rock Tour
05. Arizona Cardinals
06. Japan / South Korea – U.S.O.
07. Kiss Kruise
08. Fall/Winter Tour

Bonus Content (20 min)
01. Slideshow Best of 2016
02. Videoclip: Song and a Prayer
03. Videoclip: Join Together
04. Videoclip: Long Way to Go
05. Videoclip: Make Some Noise

Band Members:
John Corabi – lead vocals
Doug Aldrich – guitar
David Lowy – guitar
Marco Mendoza – bass
Brian Tichy – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Christopher Carroll for Sleaze Roxx, April 2017

The Dead Daisies‘ “Make Some Noise” live video:


Influenced by 70’s and early 80’s rock, The Dead Daisies sound is soulful and accessible – equal parts of Aerosmith, Bad Company and Foreigner: muscular voca…