The End Machine: ‘The End Machine’

To be released on March 22, 2019 (Frontiers Music Srl)

When a band features the three strongest members of what once was a great band of the ’80s combine forces with a powerhouse vocalist who can pretty much do any song justice, there is a major amount of excitement. The End Machine features four great musicians who truly work very well together. George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, “Wild” Mick Brown and Robert Mason really need no introduction, but to save face, let’s start the discussion.

Let’s see, who shall we start with? George Lynch — guitarist. What’s he done? Dokken, Lynch Mob, Sweet & Lynch, T&N and KXM just to name a few. Jeff Pilson — singer, bass player, producer. Dokken, War & Peace, Wildhorses, Foreigner, T&N as a singer/bass player; Warrant, Last in Line as a producer. “Wild” Mick Brown –- drummer. Dokken, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, T & N. Robert Mason — vocalist. Lynch Mob, Cry of Love, Big Cock, Warrant. My goodness that is quite a resume on the part of all four in question!

So, what’s the end result? Well, at first, I was skeptical. My first listen wasn’t what I expected. Then again, I didn’t place my focus properly. I was thinking Dokken of 1987. Possibly, I was also thinking Lynch Mob of 1990. This isn’t that. This is four great musicians, who are older, who have grown and taken their musical knowledge, blending it into what we have here — The End Machine. Can I make comparisons of past work? Possibly. I mean, there’s elements of Lynch’s playing that invoke thoughts of past solos. I think that’s more in terms of sound and not duplication. There are spots where you can blatantly hear a Jeff Pilson influenced vocal back up or parts where Robert Mason could have sung a melody line similar on a Warrant song. The track “Ride It” could possibly have been ”New Rebellion” from Warrant’s Louder Harder Faster album, but you could also make the comparison to the “Tooth and Nail” track, so do we really need to make these comparisons? I think we should think of this album as an entirely new entity. Can you do that? That may be hard, right? We are all human beings with thoughts and instincts. Somehow, right or wrong, we have to make a comparison somewhere along the way.

So, as we venture forward on this review, where do we go? Okay, instead of analyzing each and every track, possibly I speak of things that stand out to me or better yet, maybe I pose various questions that may help you form an opinion. The point of the review is to help the buyer decide if this is for them. First question, do you like rap music? Yes! Well this may not be for you. Do you enjoy endless amounts of stylistically calculated guitar playing? No! Well this may not be for you. Are you of the mindset that hard rock and heavy metal is a great form of music? Yes! Then this is definitely for you. Is musicianship important to your listening experience or is this just too intelligently calculated? No, musicianship is not important! Then you may want to turn on the top 40 pop radio station. Have you in the past month experienced discoloration or blood in your urine when you pee? Oh, shoot, wrong article, sorry! Have you ever attended a Warrant, Lynch Mob or Dokken show and thoroughly enjoyed it? Yes! Then this is for you. Do you enjoy harmony laden vocals with in your face guitars and well written, catchy songs? Yes! Then this is for you. Have you checked out the teaser tracks on YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed those? Yes. This album is for you. Collectively or individually do you enjoy the works of George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, “Wild” Mick Brown and Robert Mason? Yes! Then what are you waiting for? You know what your next step is!

I think if you answered ‘yes’ to a good percentage of these questions, this album is a ‘no brainer’. I have given you many points that substantiate the ‘pros’ of making the purchase. Really, what more can you ask of me? I now leave this in your hands. If this album was truly bad, I would let you know. I’m here for you. You’re my people. Kudos to you, the hard rock and heavy metal record buyer. Just remember, friends don’t let friends buy bad music! Sincerely, Tyson.

Track List: 
01. Leap of Faith
02. Hold Me Down
03. No Game
04. Bulletproof
05. Ride It
06. Burn the Truth
07. Hard Road
08. Alive Today
09. Line of Division
10. Sleeping Voices
11. Life Is Love Is Music

Band Members:
Robert Mason – vocals
George Lynch – guitar
Jeff Pilson – bass
“Wild” Mick Brown – drums

Band Website:

Reviewed by Tyson Briden for Sleaze Roxx, March 2019

The End Machine‘s “Alive Today” video:

THE END machine – “Alive Today” (Official Music Video)

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The End Machine‘s “Burn the Truth” song:

The End Machine – “Burn The Truth” (Official Lyric Video) #RockAintDead

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