The Mercy Kills: ‘Paradise Motel’

the-mercy-kills-album-coverTHE MERCY KILLS
Released on September 6, 2014 (MGM Distribution)

The Mercy Kills
 who hail from parts down under — Melbourne, Australia to be precise — are playing a most excellent variant on some supremely sleazy rock/punk. This EP Paradise Motel is an excellent compliment to the band’s already heavy discography and shows the band’s continued maturity in both song crafting and musicianship.

“Paradise Motel” and the subsequent “All Dolled Up,” “In Flight” and “Calling Your Name” remind me of a solid mixture of The Lemons and The Pursuit Of Happiness (there are times when Mark E‘s vocals are very Perry Ferrel-esque as well). It is equal parts pop punk and sleaze with a huge nod to rock n’ roll. The boy/girl vocals are an element that is special to me as the The Pursuit Of Happiness is a favorite of mine and The Mercy Kills take that solid song writing and musicianship that can be found with the The Pursuit Of Happiness and pick up the tempo and sleaze it up a bit — well a lot — and the results are excellent.

The Mercy Kills are a band that look good, are sexy and cool as fuck actually, sound great and I would assume smell nice too. I wish them continued success and the wherewithal to keep making music as I know I am a fan and I will keep buying. Speaking of which Mark E, Nathalie Gelle, Jen X and Josh Black — we are well overdue for some new music. The Mercy Kills are for fans of the aforementioned The Pursuit Of Happiness and The Lemons, and also if you like Iggy Pop, The New York Dolls, Jane’s Addiction and Roxy Mae.

Track List:
01. Paradise Motel
02. All Dolled Up
03. In Flight
04. Calling Out Your Name

Band Members:
Mark E
– vocals, guitar
Nathalie Gelle – guitar, v0cals
Jen X – bass, vocals
Josh Black – drums, vocals

by Chris Gatz

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Terry Martinson for Sleaze Roxx, October 2016

The Mercy Kills playing “Paradise Motel” at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia:

THE MERCY KILLS – Paradise Motel (live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia)

THE MERCY KILLS perform the title track from their new European album ‘Paradise Motel’ (released through ‘Bad Reputation’). This video is taken from the Par…