The New Roses: ‘Nothing But Wild’

To be released on August 2, 2019 (Napalm Records)

I find it quite amusing that The New Roses spent some time touring Europe with The Dead Daisies. New Roses, Dead Daisies, get it? Never mind, this band from Wiesbaden, Germany is out with its fourth full-length album since forming in 2007. The band’s 2017 album One More For The Road landed in the German Top 20 charts, which does say quite a bit about the band’s success.

Opening track “Soundtrack of My Life” blazes with aggression and attitude.  Much like Aerosmith meets Skid Row. “Can’t Stop Rock And Roll” takes me back to an ’80s sound, maybe a bit of Bon Jovi or KISS, but certainly on the pop side of hard rock. “Down By The River” isn’t a bad rock song in the vein of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” or Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” The mainstream music is supplemented by a decent lyrical story line, so if you can relate, then it’s fun. Speaking of fun, “Nothing But Wild” is a good romp through London Quireboys style party rock. On the other hand, “Heartache” is a pretty average tune, not particularly offensive nor memorable.

“The Bullet” is a country tinged stereotypical ballad that I’ll skip every time. “Writing love songs on beer coasters I will never sing to anyone…”  Yep, no. “Running Out of Hearts” doesn’t offer anything new to Nothing But Wild. This song sounds pretty similar to “Down By The River.” I like the intro to “Unknown Territory” and vocalist Timmy Rough works hard enough to sell this track in the long run. Opening riffs of “As The Crow Flies” tries desperately to sell a weak ’90s style quiet verse before kicking into a decent hard rock bridge / chorus. “As The Crow Flies”, the mid-tempo “The Only Thing”, and acoustic country “Meet Me Half Way” are pretty much filler to me. I’m not particularly enthralled with closing track “Glory Road” either.

I don’t mind The New RosesNothing But Wild in general. The band is tight and the production is good. However, like many bands these days, the album lacks consistency. The first few tracks rock hard, but then this album moves into early ’90s era Bon Jovi, having more of a country-rock twang than a dirty sleaze to it. A few tracks have some appeal, but I fear to my ears, the rest are not my style.

Track List:
01. Soundtrack of My Life
02. Can’t Stop Rock & Roll
03. Down by the River
04. Nothing But Wild
05. Heartache
06. The Bullet
07. Running Out of Hearts
08. Unknown Territory
09. As The Crow Flies
10. Give & Take
11. The Only Thing
12. Meet Me Half Way
13. Glory Road

Band Members:
Timmy Rough – vocals, guitar
Norman Bites – guitar
Hardy – bass
Urban Berz – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, August 2019

The New Roses‘ “Glory Road” video:

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The New Roses‘ “Down By The River” video:

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Order “Nothing But Wild” here:”Nothing But Wild simply is the ultimate love letter to US rock – and the real deal.”„The li…