The Regulators – Above The Law

The Regulators - Above The Law
Released 2002 (Record Heaven)

Track List:
01. Breakin’ Out
02. Money, Pride & Greed
03. Eatin’ Crow
04. The Real Deal
05. Burn Them Bridges Down
06. The Fire
07. Leadfoot
08. My Bags Are Packed
09. Above The Law
10. Lies
11. Sweet Sustain

Ronnie Farrell – vocals and guitar
Gary Jeffries – guitar and vocals (10)
Johnny Barnes – guitar
Johnny Travers – guitar
Randy Smith – bass, guitar and vocals
Chuck Radek – drums
Chris Turbis – paino and Hammond organ

Additional Musicians:
Bob Bird – guitar
Mark Eceves – drums
Josh Anneler – bass (7)
Jeff Dhungana – guitar (7)
Charlie McKelvey – drums (7)
Don Mare – guitar (7)

Produced by Juan Crucier and The Regulators, except track 7 produced
by Randy Smith.

The Regulators have never sounded so good! Releasing a killer collection of
southern rock, the album as a whole is almost too heavy to be pigeonholed in that genre.
This album is straight ahead guitar rock with a heavy blues influence. Essentially
Above The Law is a European reissue of the band’s 1998 disc Bar & Grill
with a different mix.

  At times the band sounds a lot like the Arc Angels, even down to
vocalist Ronnie Farrell, who could be considered the gruff voiced equivalent
of Charlie Sexton. Standout cuts include “Breakin’ Out”, “Eatin’ Crow”,
“My Bags Are Packed” (the closest the band comes to traditional southern rock, including
the boogie piano sound) and the almost eight minute tribute to Jimi Hughes “Sweet
Sustain” (did he really help remix this song from the grave??). The best tune on the entire disc though is “Above The Law”,
where the guitars are allowed to run wild for an incredible sound. But the guitars
really don’t let up thru the entire record.

  This is the type of music that inspires a guy to invite his rowdy friends
over for a beer and a BBQ. It’s not fancy and it’s not cute, it is just great
unrelenting hard southern rock. Check the band out at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2003.

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