The Science Fiction Idols – Spooky Sugar

The Science Fiction Idols - Spooky Sugar
Released 2003 (Science Fiction Idols)

Track List:
01. I Love Your Mouth
02. Starfire
03. Born Beautiful
04. Cats Galore
05. New Man Tonight
06. Ballad Of The New Young Creeps
07. Suckers
08. Little Fly
09. Phantom Channel
10. Married In My Underwear

Bobby Lamonde – vocals and guitar
Gary Strutt – guitar, backup vocals and lead vocals (4)
Greg Brancati – bass
Matt Figurski – drums and backup vocals

Additional Musicians:
Larry Sieferts – paino and saxophone

Produced by Science Fiction Idols and Doug Kaspar.

Have you ever wondered what Donovan (of “Mellow Yellow” fame) might have sounded like if someone hooked his nuts up to some high voltage? Well I hadn’t, but I now know what it would sound like…The Science Fiction Idols. Dreamy love-generation vocals surrounded by distorted guitars and a flawless rhythm section make for some original and enjoyable music.

  Spooky Sugar kicks off with all cylinders firing; in fact I haven’t been able to get “I Love Your Mouth” out of my head for days. It mixes the best of late 60s psychedelic, 70s guitars and 80s hard rock while “Starfire” pays homage to forgotten glam legends T. Rex. Gary Strutt delivers more of a typical rock voice on his one lead vocal, “Cats Galore”, which is a hard rocking London Quireboys type song. The music itself is an interesting blend of glitter bands and heavy distortion; the guitar work of Strutt and Bobby Lamonde is incredible.

  I can’t seem to find anything wrong with this release. Although I would have liked to have heard Strutt sing a couple more songs — this is not implying that Lamonde doesn’t get the job done, cause he does — but a bit more diversity between dreamy and gritty would have been nice. This is one of the best releases from an independent band I’ve heard in awhile, I suggest you pick it up at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2004.

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