The Scream Clan – The Scream Clan

The Scream Clan - The Scream Clan
Released 2003 (Unda da Rump)

Track List:
01. Livin’ In A Wasteland
02. Can’t Say No
03. End Of Daze
04. Gasoline
05. Heavy Metal
06. American Hair
07. Hero
08. Lost And Spaced
09. Hell For You
10. Hate Me
11. Saturday Nitemare
12. Psycho Bitch

Phillip Barrington – vocals and guitar
Keith “Ragnar” Cowgill – guitar and backing vocals
Stevie “The Metal Warrior” Lang – bass and backing vocals
Mikey Bovera – drums and backing vocals

Additional Musicians:
Clashing Plaid – backing vocals
Caroline Rieker – backing vocals
Jimmy Bracken – backing vocals
Jason Bovera – backing vocals
Mike Harmon – backing vocals

Produced by The Scream Clan and Mike Harmon.

Philadelphia’s Scream Clan is a new band unafraid to go against current trends and deliver a sleaze album that harkens back to better days. The thing that made sleaze bands so great in the first place was attitude, and this group of bandits deliver a healthy dose. If Dee Snider was as hungry and ornery now as he was in the early 80s he just might sound like The Scream Clan. Forget the pop-metal sound of so many bands, this is aggressive and in your face rock.

  “Livin’ In A Wasteland” kicks things off with what reminds me of a pissed-off version of Ace Frehley‘s “Rock Soldiers”. It has a very subtle guitar effect that ends each verse and adds that little something extra. The contrast between deep guttural and screeching vocals on “Gasoline” makes it incredible. “Heavy Metal” with the chorus of “heavy metal till I die” is one of the best anthems I’ve heard in ages. The band takes a Kiss-like turn on “Hate Me” while “Saturday Nitemare” is as radio friendly as the group gets with it’s bouncing grooves.

  Musically the band reminds me of Spread Eagle with some of Diamond Rexx‘s dark overtones. This is a hard-hitting album that reminds me why I loved 80s music so much. Find out more about The Scream Clan at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2004.

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