The Throbs – The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds

The Throbs - The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds

The Throbs - The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds Reissue
Released 1991 (DGC), 2007 (Rock Candy Records)

Track List:
01. Underground
02. Come Down Sister
03. It’s Not The End Of The World
04. Dreamin’
05. Honeychild
06. Rip It Up
07. Ocean Of Love
08. Only Way Out
09. Sweet Addiction
10. Ecstasy
11. Strange Behaviour
Rock Candy Records 2007 Bonus Tracks:
12. Rainbow
13. The Queen Of Borrowed Lights

Sweetheart – vocals
Roger Ericson – guitar
Danny Nordahl – bass
Ronnie Magri – drums

Additional Musicians:
Little Richard – piano (10)
Freddy Mandell – keyboards (3 & 6)
Bob Ezrin – keyboards and percussion

Produced by Bob Ezrin and Dick Wagner.

The late 80’s/early 90’s produced quite a few bands which didn’t gain the success they deserved and whose albums are considered to be lost classics. If you read through the liner-notes of this once again beautifully done Rock Candy reissue, you’ll get the impression that this would be the case with The Throbs‘ sole, long out of print release. Signed to Geffen, they were considered to be the next Guns N’Roses, but stardom never struck and a band-life full of decadence led to the group’s early demise.

  Listening to The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds now, you won’t be surprised that this band just couldn’t last long. These 11 tracks (two of which are previously unreleased demos) are sleazy rock songs which are heavily influenced by drugs, living on the streets and of course the Rolling Stones. Just listen to The Throbs “Honey Child”, which sounds like an unofficial follow-up to the Stones “Wild Horses” or the rocking “Ecstasy” and you’ll get the idea.

  Much like other bands back then such as The Quireboys or The Dogs D’Amour, these guys didn’t want to get a piece of the pie of the hair metal pie, their goal was to make a timeless Rock’n’Roll classic. And what can I say now, 17 years later? Well, yep, they managed to achieve that! Thanks to the remastering, The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds still sounds fresh, gritty, and most of all, honest. And while in my eyes this album still is over-hyped, it sums up what true Rock’n’Roll is all about. Now what about that second unreleased album?

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, April 2008.

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