Twisted: ‘Dancin’ On Chaos’

Twisted CD coverTWISTED
Released in April 2016 (Demon Doll Records)

It’s quite unusual for a band to release its weakest song as the first single but I find this is indeed the case with Italian sleaze rockers Twisted. Not that the song “Dancin’ On Chaos” is a bad one. On the contrary, I thought the track was compelling and good enough when I first heard it to post something on Sleaze Roxx about this group that I had never heard of before. What I never expected is that I would enjoy all of the other songs on Twisted‘s five song EP Dancin’ On Chaos way more than the title track that the group shot a video for.

Twisted‘s “Dancin’ on Chaos” is definitely the most modern sounding track on the five-song EP with some modern day guitar tuning and growling type vocals at times. Despite these two “issues”, the song is still an enjoyable one with some excellent vocal harmonies throughout and a very melodic guitar solo which is the song highlight. “It’s Over Now” starts the transition on the EP from more modern sounding to a more ’80s sounding tune. Once again, the vocal harmonies are very good and the guitar solo is a killer one without needing to be super flashy. “Give Me Hell” is the first song where melody rules not only the chorus portion but also the verses part of a Twisted song and where singer Philip DeVille shows that he can really sing rather than seemingly growl away. That is definitely needed and luckily, from then on, DeVille delivers on every song for the remainder of the EP.

I am actually a little shocked that Twisted did not shoot a video for one of the last two tracks on their five-song EP Dancin’ On Chaos because “Roll The Dice” and “What Comes Around” are very catchy, melodic without sounding wimpy, and ditch the modern inclinations of the first two songs. I like those two tracks so much that I am always thinking how the songs will simply keep getting better and better — and they do — when I start listening to the Dancin’ On Chaos EP. I really hope that Twisted concentrate in the future on playing tracks similar to “Roll The Dice” and “What Comes Around” because a few more of those and I would have likely included their Dancin’ On Chaos EP in the upcoming Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016.

Track List:
01. Dancin’ On Chaos
02. It’s Over Now
03. Give Me Hell
04. Roll The Dice
05. What Comes Around

Band Members:
Philip DeVille – lead vocals
Bob J. Riot – lead guitar, vocals
Mark “The Snake” Logan – bass, vocals
Izzy Vice – guitars
Simon “Krash” Travis – drums, vocals

Additional Musicians:
Valeria Spano – backing and gang vocals
Lorenzo Ranieri – backing and gang vocals
Sharon Cavaliero – backing and gang vocals
Twisted – backing and gang vocals

Produced by Philip DeVille
Co-produced by Twisted
Recorded and mixed by Philip DeVille (1, 2, 4, 5)
Recorded and mixed by Federico Antonaci (3)

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2016

Twisted‘s “Dancin’ On Chaos” video:


Directed and Produced by Federico Antonaci for MAKE IT STUDIO ( )TWISTED Official Page:…